An Elegant Idea is an Elegant Idea

Posted in Feature on November 9, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Magic players have contributed to the creation of more than just Forgotten Ancient and Crucible of Worlds. And we don't just mean the Dark Confidant of Magic Invitational winners, either.

Other elegant mechanics, submitted via You Make the Card and the Magic Invitational, have made their way onto cards without even being chosen as the winner.

For example, the Ravnica card Spectral Searchlight is based on a mechanic sent in during You Make the Card 2.

Spectral Searchlight

Although the original submitted mechanic had the artifact tap to grant one colorless mana, the printed version grants one mana of the targeted player's choice. That way it can act either as a Ravnica-friendly mana fixer, a la Darksteel Ingot, a flexible mana-granter for a teammate, a la the Two-Headed-Giant-friendly Fertile Ground, or a tricky way to "ping" your opponent for damage, a la Granite Shard (or Rod of Spanking). Nice mechanic!

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