Posted in Feature on October 8, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

ImACloud's ELVES!

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Looking for a jumping off point for the upcoming State Championships using the new Standard format? ImACloud offers up an innovative concept straight from the digital realm of Magic Online. His concoction, which is almost entirely new Standard ready, powers out a horde of Elf tokens, pumped by cards like Bramblewood Paragon, Imperious Perfect, and Elvish Champion. How does Cloud manage to do it so fast? By giving all Elves a mana ability thanks to Heritage Druid! And if the opponent has a mass removal spell? No worries; a pre-emptive Regal Force will make sure Cloud's hand stays full for post-Wrath of God good times. It's up to innovative players all over the world to determine which new Shards of Alara cards best replace the few rotations from ImACloud's ELVES! list.

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