Elvish Melody

Posted in Feature on April 10, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

I always felt like the bad guy when playing Combo Elves in Extended. In Pauper, where there are lots of people being the bad guy, playing Elves doesn't feel so bad. Like Brian Kibler, I'm just an honest guy casting honest green creatures.

Distant Melody

Except in this case, sometimes I draw six cards with a Distant Melody, drawing another Distant Melody, and then there's a Kaervek's Torch pointed at your face for 20. Sure, Timberwatch Elf might make combat difficult, initially, eventually killing you with a +10/+10 activation, but let's be honest here—I'm trying to combo-kill you.

Uuriko's deck looks well-built. Quirion Ranger is one of the most underrated cards of all time, and I'm sure many people would be shocked to see only five Elvish Mystic variants while Quirion Ranger has the full four copies. In truth, Quirion Ranger is one of the strongest cards in the deck, allowing you to operate off of a single Forest, hence the low land count. Additionally, Quirion Ranger is a functional Elvish Mystic for each Elvish Mystic you have in play, unless you have Priest of Titania in play, in which case things get nutty.

I really like the look of Uuriko's main deck (aside from the singleton Edge of Autumn because I'm clueless as to why it's there) and the sideboard looks reasonably tuned as well. It will certainly take some practice figuring out what goes where and what to sideboard out though!

Uuriko's Elf Combo

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