Posted in Feature on October 16, 2012

By Conley Woods

Legacy has a very large card pool. Theoretically, there are endless amounts of new decks that could be created and played, but the barrier to entry is always whether those decks are actually good or not. There are storm decks, aggro decks, decks looking to cheat a giant monster into play, control decks, graveyard-based decks, and then various two-card combo decks. While that might not cover everything, it is pretty extensive. That is why a deck like Enchantress intrigues me. It has been around since the invention of Legacy, quietly putting up good results from time to time, but rarely mentioned as a staple of the format.

Words of Wind

Unlike other strategies in Legacy, Enchantress wins through casting enchantments and gaining value off of each. Whether you are just drawing a card or generating mana, each enchantment builds up to a sort of Voltron endgame. Christoffer Anderson decided to try out a green-blue version of the deck, despite most lists being green-white. As a result, Christoffer gains access to Cloud of Faeries, which untaps lands fueled up by Wild Growth or a Serra's Sanctum, allowing him to continue exploding in a single turn.

The white version of the deck looks to win using Sigil of the Empty Throne. This allows you to turn all of your enchantments into 4/4 flying win conditions, and because the deck plays out like a prison deck, the speed at which you win is not that important. Christoffer decided that blue was more valuable, so instead of Sigil, he turned to Words of Wind. As he casts enchantments, triggering a draw off of something, he is able to pay one mana and have each player bounce something. He begins looping Cloud of Faeries along with other enchantments, generating mana and cards while his opponent is forced to constantly pick up permanents without the ability to put them back into play. Once the board has been completely locked out, Christoffer can win with any assortment of 1/1s at his leisure or cast Living Wish for Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, winning the game much more quickly!

Christoffer Andersen's Enchantress

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