Magic: the Gathering Pro TourFAQ for Two-Headed Giant Pro Tour Qualifiers (PTQ) 2007

Posted in Feature on March 27, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

First, some general 2HG stuff:

1) Team combined life totals in DCI sanctioned events is now 30 life (instead of 40 that is listed in the Comprehensive Rules.)

2) For 2HG, teams must determine seating before determining which team is playing first. Seating is set for each match but is not set for the entire event. Whoever is seated to the right (at that match) is the primary player. Swapping seats after determining which team is playing first is not allowed. Players must keep their own deck however, regardless of seating.

Example: Julien and Tom are teammates in a 2HG event. Round 2 Julien sat to the right and was primary. In round 3 Tom mentions he'd like to be primary so he sits to the right. Each still uses the deck each used earlier in the past rounds.

Most of the FAQs listed below assume the event in question is a Pro Tour Qualifier that awards one team an invitation. PTQs that award multiple invitations will have slightly different answers.

Note that the term "prize" as used in this document refers solely to travel awards and invitations. Travel award are always awarded to the sole winner of the event (or finalists if more than one invitation is awarded).

Complete DCI policy and rules documents are located at

1. Can I play if I'm already qualified by Pro Level, another PTQ, etc...?
Yes. Any team (qualified or not) may play in any two-headed giant-format Qualifier in the 2007 season.

2. Can I pass down the invitation if I win?
Yes. For team and multiplayer events, renouncing the invitation is allowed for the 2007 season. The travel award remains with the 1st place team however.

Renouncing Invitations

Invitations to individual-format Pro Tour events may not be renounced.

During a Pro Tour Qualifier tournament that grants invitations to a 3-person team or two-headed giant-format Pro Tour event, teams may renounce an invitation they earn from the event. The only time a team invitation may be renounced is at the event where the invitation is earned. Invitations may be renounced any time from the start of the event until five minutes after the end of the final of the tournament. Any one member of the team may renounce the entire team's invitation by signing the appropriate form, which is available from the head judge. If a team rescinds its invitation, the invitation will pass down to the next appropriate team."

2a. If I'm already qualified and I win, does the invitation pass down automatically?

No. You must renounce invitations at the event, else you earn the additional invitation.

3. If we win a 2HG PTQ, but want to play with different people at the Pro Tour, can we?

Event invites (GP, PTQs, etc...) are granted to _the specific team_ not to the two people individually. If the two people on a team can qualify by another means (pro levels, ranking, etc...) they do not have to play with a teammate they qualified with at an event. However if a player's only qualification for invitation is from an event-based invite, the player would only be eligible to play in the Pro Tour on that team.

4. What happens if I win a second travel award (or have one from my pro level) and I win a PTQ)?

The American and European offices only award one travel award per person per Pro Tour, so your travel is only done once (from your pro level or other PTQ finish). The travel award is not redeemable or transferable. In effect, you already have the prize and do not get more (hotel, cash, etc...) in its place. (Travel award policy by office, so please contact your local office for details.)

5. What about my teammate's flight if I'm not playing with him?

Your teammate's flight is dependant upon him playing in the Pro Tour. To redeem his travel, he needs to be eligible and play with another team if you are not going to play with him.

Players must attend, compete in, and be listed as finishing in the applicable tournament as well as complete travel arrangements as directed by Wizards of the Coast prior to a deadline. Failure will result in loss of the award. This does not rely upon their teammate participating.

6. If I earn an invitation, but cannot attend the Pro Tour, can I use the invitation for another event?

No. Invitations must be used for tournaments to which they apply and may not be transferred to other events. Also, team substitutions are not permitted.

7. Can I substitute someone for my teammate if he can't go or has an emergency last-minute?

No substitutions are allowed in 2HG Pro Tours.

8. Can players split the "value" of the ticket?

No. Players are allowed to split any prizes, but the airplane ticket is contingent upon the player to attend the Pro Tour. As such, it is not a prize for the Qualifier, but an appearance award for competing in the Pro Tour. Any attempt to establish a value for the ticket will be considered bribery.

The travel award to the Pro Tour will be awarded to the team recorded as winning the Qualifier. The two finalists for the single-elimination portion of a Qualifier may agree to distribute event prizes (typically product) as they see fit between them. (Refer to Section 25 of the UTR for further information.)

9. In the semifinals can players discuss prize splitting for drops?

Offering or accepting a prize split in exchange for the concession, draw or drop of a match outside the finals of single elimination is bribery.

10. In the final round of single elimination, can I negotiate with my opponent before informing the head judge we intend to split?

No. Any offers to prize-split should be made in the presence of the head judge. Note that offering or accepting a prize split in exchange for the concession, draw or drop of a match outside the finals of single elimination is bribery.

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