Feature: The Fantasy Breakdown

Posted in Feature on May 13, 2012

By Trick Jarrett

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We now know how the cards played in this event and thus how they scored for the Fantasy Pro Tour. We're going to break down the best card from each of the categories and talk a little about them. The Fantasy Pro Tour relies on knowledge and intuition about the metagame to predict the best card in each of the nine categories.



There are only a five planeswalkers in the Innistrad / Avacyn Restored Block, but those who noticed a power in green might have been inclined to make use of this Innistrad planeswalker. His ability to generate Wolf tokens provided a constant source of pressure for decks when they weren't able to draw creatures.

Small Creature (0-2 Converted Mana Cost)

Avacyn’s Pilgrim

This little guy seems out of place in a format with Snapcaster Mage, Mikaeus, the Lunarch, and Mayor of Avabruck. It's going to be a consistent trap to go for picking the rares and mythics over the utility and mana creatures in this slot. Avacyn's Pilgrim did his work this weekend with mana fixing, chump blocking, as well as getting pumped to swing for the victory.

Medium Creature (3-4 Converted Mana Cost)


Perhaps the most obvious of the cards so far, Huntmaster was a popular pick and it contributed to the Pro Tour Avacyn Restored infestation of Wolf tokens. The Huntmaster's ability to gain life, make tokens, and potentially act as removal when flipped makes him a valuable tool in any format, but especially Block Constructed.

Large Creature (5+ Converted Mana Cost)


Well, my oh my, did this guy do his work this weekend. He was championed as the premier example of soulbond in an article by Dave Humphreys and he did not disappoint as he showed the true power this weekend. He was bound with a wide variety of creatures, from Wolf tokens and Angel tokens all the way to his brethren of other Wolfir Silverhearts and to the mythic angels. Quite the show of power.



This Innistrad instant works its way to the top of the standings as it did work during this tournament with its own ability to clear the way and deal further damage to the opponent.



If anyone was concerned that Avacyn Restored might be overlooked in Block Constructed, they've soundly been silenced by the format which emerged. Among them was the prevalence of miracles in decks, and though Alexander Hayne neglected to include this one in his Boat Brew 2.0, it was prevalent in many decks that made use of mountains.



It found use as a tool in the sideboard and it was quite popular given the prevalence of Wolfir Silverheart as a reliable way to be the biggest bully on the playground.



This may not be much of a surprise, given the use of flashback in the block. The ability to lock players out of their graveyards comes as a popular sideboard tool for players coming into this event. Though it has hardly made a splash in the Feature Match area, it cannot be overlooked as a popular choice for the players in this event.

Non-Basic Land


Wrapping up the categories of card types, we have another mana fixer, the third card of such categorization. It's a testament to the need for consistency in multicolor decks and it's the only fetch in the Innistrad/Avacyn Restored Block Constructed.

For more information about the Fantasy Pro Tour, check out the Fantasy Pro Tour Online.

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