Final Judgment

Posted in Feature on April 29, 2002

By Rei Nakazawa, creative text writer

The Mirari has bounced around from owner to owner, from zealous aven leaders to unstable dementia summoners. Now it has finally come into the hands of the man who’s been seeking it for the duration of two expansions: Kamahl, Pit Fighter. What he does with it is another question entirely.

That question is just one that Judgment seeks to answer. The final set of a Magic block almost always ends with a bang, and Judgment is no exception. All the threads from the previous two sets are coming together, and they’re all coming to the Krosan Forest.

After the events of Torment, which left Chainer, Dementia Master dead, the main Cabal City in ruins, and Kamahl holding the Mirari, the barbarian warrior returns to the Pardic Mountains, to the village of Auror, the place where he grew up. There he finally reunites with his sister, Jeska, and his mentor, the gruff dwarf Balthor the Stout. The barbarian tribes of the Pardic Mountains are divided into a diverse set of clans, all loosely cooperating for common goals, but none answering to any of the others. Now that he has the Mirari, Kamahl sees things differently, in more ways than one. Knowing that Ambassador Laquatus and his allies are bound to track the artifact down sooner or later, Kamahl proposes a way to protect it: unite the diverse barbarian tribes under one rule. And who better to lead them than the one who holds the Mirari?

Jeska and Balthor are very concerned over this turn of events. Their unease deepens when Kamahl organizes a grand battle tournament to determine the leader of the Pardic barbarian tribes, and then maims and nearly kills several of his opponents during it. Kamahl’s temper has shortened, and his bloodlust has widened. Balthor and Jeska quickly conclude that the Mirari is responsible, and decide to take it from him at all costs. Such a task won’t be easy, though, because the Mirari has also increased Kamahl's strength and combat skill. Kamahl can sure use the augmentation, though, because Laquatus is on the move. The crafty merfolk has decided that in order to unseat Llawan, Cephalid Empress, who won a decisive victory against him during Torment, he needs the Mirari. To get it, he’s seeks out two old “allies.” First, he approaches the remnants of the Cabal, and makes his usual promises to the temporary Cabal leader Braids, Cabal Minion to secure their cooperation. Then he meets with the new leader of the Northern Order, Aven Commander Eesha, and warns her that Kamahl, who has been accused of Lieutenant Kirtar’s death (in Odyssey), has the Mirari. Afraid of what Kamahl might do, she believes Laquatus’s promise to destroy the artifact when they defeat Kamahl and take the Mirari from him.

But before Laquatus can make his big move, tragedy strikes in the Pardic Mountains. Kamahl and Balthor are forced to travel to the Krosan Forest to meet Seton, Krosan Protector, the centaur druid Kamahl befriended in the pit fights. Seton tells him that in order to get the help he needs, Kamahl must make his way to the center of the Krosan Forest and meet with Thriss, oldest and wisest of all the Nantuko.

So Kamahl begins his journey, unaware that Laquatus, the Order, and the Cabal are all descending upon the Krosan Forest at the same time, all in search of the Mirari. As Balthor and the forest’s denizens stand alone against the combined might of all three groups, Kamahl talks to Thriss, a conversation that will change the young barbarian forever. He’ll need all the help he can get, because Laquatus and his allies are determined to get the Mirari over Kamahl’s dead body.

Will Kamahl be the final holder of the Mirari? If not, who? And what will this mean for the rest of Otaria? Some of these questions must wait until Onslaught for answers, but you can be sure that Judgment will provide an explosive ending to the block, and bring many key events, not to mention key characters, to their final conclusions.

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