Final Standings

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By Wizards of the Coast

1William Jensen$25,000
2Jason Zila$15,000
3-4Sigurd Eskeland$10,000
3-4Trey Van Cleave$10,000
5-8Ben Rubin$6,500
5-8Warren Marsh$6,500
5-8Dirk Baberowski$6,500
5-8Bob Maher, Jr.$6,500
9-16Tony Dobson$4,000
9-16Trevor Blackwell$4,000
9-16Kyle Rose$4,000
9-16Alex Shvartsman$4,000
9-16Kurt Burgner$4,000
9-16Christian Luhrs$4,000
9-16Rob Dougherty$4,000
9-16Olivier Ruel$4,000
17-32Kai Budde$2,000
17-32Mark Le Pine$2,000
17-32Gary Wise$2,000
17-32Jon Finkel$2,000
17-32Raffaele Lo Moro$2,000
17-32Justin Gary$2,000
17-32Zvi Mowshowitz$2,000
17-32Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz$2,000
17-32Darwin Kastle$2,000
17-32Raphael Levy$2,000
17-32Alan Comer$2,000
17-32Dave Humpherys$2,000
17-32Franck Canu$2,000
17-32John Marks$2,000
17-32Nicolai Herzog$2,000
17-32Matt Linde$2,000

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