Finals Draft: (3) Poor Shark vs. (1)

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By Monty Ashley

Williams opened the first pack, which gave him a Recoil and Benafel a Zap. Kuroda got a Wax/Wane, Otsuka got a Strength of Unity, and Morita got a Benalish Lancer.

The second pack emphasized Benafel's red start with a Shivan Emissary, with Kuroda going Green and Otsuka staying in the red-black zone she's inhabited for much of the day.

Kuroda's pack provided him with a Charging Troll, cementing him in green-white. Otsuka took the Tribal Flames, and Morita the Benalish Trapper. Otsuka's pack gave her even more removal in the form of Exotic Curse, while Morita took a Goham Djinn, getting a Tsabo's Decree in the next pack, which also held and Assault/Battery and an Agonizing Demise (which went to Fuller and Benafel, respectively).

The players in black-red (Benafel and Otsuka) continued to get plenty of quality removal, including an Urza's Rage (Benafel) and another Agonizing Demise (Otsuka). Otsuka also got a Scorching Lava and both players got Plague Spores.

In Planeshift, there was so much removal that Poor Shark decided to give Tahngarth, Talruum Hero to Kuroda, while Otsuka took Bog Down. Toward the end, started arguing about picks, with Ryan Fuller taking cards that Benafel clearly thought were distinctly suboptimal.

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