The First Gatecrash Champion

Posted in Feature on February 11, 2013

By Sam Black

Sam Black is a Platinum Pro Player and longtime writer for He is a respected deck builder and took over Daily Decks for the first half of 2013.

Unfortunately, complications kept me from writing this feature for a week, but they've been resolved and I should be back for the next few months. This meant that I couldn't feature this deck until now, but I still feel like I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't honor the first big tournament winner using Gatecrash with recognition in this feature.

Mayor of Avabruck

I've been a bit narcissistic lately, posting my own decks instead of decks played by others because, at the time of writing, there are still very few lists available with Gatecrash. Honestly, this trend is likely to continue. If the bosses didn't want someone to show off original creations, why would they hire someone who loves building decks?

That said, I do need to acknowledge others from time to time, and Joseph Herrera has earned a moment in the spotlight for his performance at the Open in Atlanta.

Joseph played a Naya Humans deck that supports aggressive Humans like Champion of the Parish and Mayor of Avabruck with the race-winning lifegain potential of Nearheath Pilgrim and Huntmaster of the Fells. Gatecrash's Frontline Medic allows Nearheath Pilgrim and her lover to lifelink with impunity on offense, and its Sacred Foundry and Stomping Ground hold the mana together, even allowing the green-white deck to splash Searing Spear in addition to the red Human splash we'd seen before Gatecrash.

This aggressive deck's ability to fight excellent battles with other creatures thanks to the size and indestructibility of its own creatures, while winning races with lifegain, powered Joseph through to 1st place.

Joseph Herrera's Naya Humans

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