Fishless Fish

Posted in Feature on September 11, 2012

By Conley Woods

If you were to ask casual Legacy players what defines the format, I am sure you would get a diverse set of answers, but most of them would involve the epic feel of the format. They would chant about the turn-one-win decks and tell stories of the deck that never had to play a land but won anyway. They would tell of the forty-three-land deck and the deck that puts a 15/15 into play on turn two. There are a lot of crazy things in the format, and you would hear about them. But what you would likely never hear about is a deck that just wins with 1/1s...

Jace's Phantasm

While it might not be as exciting as a turn-one win, the Mono-Blue Tempo deck piloted by Brandon Semerau at a recent StarCityGames Open in Minneapolis had what it needed to win. The deck looks to eke out small advantages through one-for-ones that net it a mana advantage or in the form of two-for-ones with the slightest of edges, like Spellstutter Sprite.

As the deck counters your plays and deploys aggression, its mana denial aspect turns into full swing. Cards like Spell Pierce force you to play around them while cards like Vapor Snag and Wasteland eat the available mana your opponent has available each turn. This allows you to generate card advantage through Ninja of the Deep Hours and Snapcaster Mage. One cool addition to the deck is Jace's Phantasm, which, in a field full of fetchlands and Wastelands, gets pretty big pretty fast!

Brandon Semerau's Mono-Blue Tempo

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