Flavorful Word Clouds

Posted in Feature on September 9, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Let's play a game! You like games, right? Good!

Here's how this works. We went to Wordle and whipped up some word clouds using the flavor text of some Magic sets. Your challenge is to identify which set each of these word clouds came out of. Ready? Go!


It's Fallen Empires, of course! The various volumes of Sarpadian Empires contribute quite a lot of that set's flavor text.


The prominence of "Rimewind" can mean only one thing: this is the flavor text of Coldsnap!


This one was kind of a surprise. Who knew that the flavor text of Shards of Alara had so much more Grixis and Esper than Naya and Bant?


What set could this be? Some of those words look completely unfamiliar! But if you explore the lower left quadrant, one word does kind of jump out at you: Zendikar!

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