Forging Armor

Posted in Feature on May 16, 2013

By Sam Black

Sam Black is a Platinum Pro Player and longtime writer for He is a respected deck builder and took over Daily Decks for the first half of 2013.

The Bant Hexproof deck continues to improve, as Robert Rusch demonstrated in Charlotte last weekend. Unflinching Courage is an obvious fit, as it pairs with other enchantments to make it almost impossible for the opponent to race, but it's possible that the bigger upgrade is Voice of Resurgence.

Voice of Resurgence

Voice of Resurgence serves an important dual purpose in this deck. Historically, "edict" effects, cards that force the opponent to sacrifice a creature, have been the best way to combat hexproof strategies, but Voice of Resurgence is the perfect card to punish those strategies, as it often improves when sacrificed. Additionally, it also encourages the opponent to play everything at sorcery speed, which means all of your enchantments will get at least one hit in. It's also extremely punishing to players who use Azorius Charm, which is otherwise excellent against this strategy when it has to play without a hexproof creature.

The minor protection offered by Voice of Resurgence pushes Fencing Ace, an extremely powerful but fragile creature, over the edge, making it an excellent inclusion here.

The sideboard offers Strangleroot Geist to further embarrass sacrifice effects and provide some resistance to sweepers, as well as Nevermore, which is the deck's only real way to fight a Supreme Verdict, and which plays well with Ethereal Armor.

Previously, decks like this could use Rest in Peace against graveyard strategies, but here it's been replaced by Ground Seal to avoid the negative interaction with Voice of Resurgence.

In many matches, the opponent can't interact with this deck, short of killing the player, and the creatures don't really want to block, since the plan is generally to win with a single attacker and none of the other creatures will be very big. As a result, Fog and lifegain are the primary defenses against other aggressive decks.

Robert Rusch's Bant Hexproof

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