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Posted in Feature on October 8, 2003

By Daniel Stahl

"I may steal Aaron from you someday. What do you think about that?"

When Bill Rose (V.P. of R&D) first said those words, we were at a barbeque at Jeff Donais' house on some random sunny Seattle weekend and I just kept thinking to myself... man... I knew this would happen!.

Cultural Exchange
The truth is, I had thought about it quite a bit. Before we hired Aaron Forsythe to be the producer of, there had been several questions about whether or not he would someday end up in R&D... and what could we ever do to prevent that?

So when Bill asked me what I thought, I already knew what I would say. I simply replied that I knew this day would come.

One of the joys of being a manager is watching people develop and opening the doors that will lead to their own personal goals. For Aaron... that door lead downstairs to R&D.

Some people have asked, "Was this unexpected?"... "Did something bad happen?"... "Why did Aaron leave?"...

To answer those questions... It wasn't unexpected - something great happened - and Aaron left to help make that which we all love - even better. Aaron has walked through a door he's been eyeing for a long time, and in my honest opinion... it's one of the best moves this company has made. Aaron Forsythe lives, breathes, and dreams Magic.

Like I said... we knew this day would come. Congratulations Aaron. You'll be sorely missed.

So now what?

With the departure of Aaron, those of us on the Magic web team have been working to continue to bring you daily content while also taking some time to steer the big ship towards some changes we've been wanting to make for a long time now.

Some of you may know that we are in the process of hiring new producers for We are also taking the opportunity (with Aaron's departure) to re-arrange some job duties and expand some previous job roles within the team.

The biggest development that is in the works is the merging of the three teams that work on Magic web content. Our goal is to create one team that is responsible for publishing all content related to Magic on our website. So, Sideboard Online, and Magic Online content will all be handled by one large group rather than three small groups. We are confident that this approach will improve content quality and regularity as well as allow us to make some big site improvements.

Magic is Magic

The main goal of our website is to be the best place on the internet for information about Magic, and to have that site exist as one location - One of the primary mantras that we've been reciting around the group for a while now is the concept that - Magic is Magic. In the past, we've attempted to segregate Magic into different areas because Magic has so many facets and means so many different things to so many different people. At the end of the day though, we have decided that when it comes down to it... everything the Magic web team does... is really all about the same game, no matter what avenue it is.

With this new direction in thinking comes some re-organization of our ideas regarding how our site functions. Here is a list of ideas that we are working with now:

  • You should be able to find all the articles about Magic in one location.
  • Event Coverage and Organized Play programs could use some development love. (Well for that matter a lot of things on our site could use some love.)
  • Magic content should be consistent and informative whether you play paper or online.
  • Having useful search tools is a benefit to players.
  • Having access to the types of information you are interested in, shouldn't take you across multiple sites and layouts.
  • That's the short list of themes we are working with right now. In the coming months we'll be working on ways to eventually merge all Magic Online, Sideboard Online, and MagicTheGathering Articles into one happy site that everyone can enjoy. There is a host of talented people who will be asking you for input and ideas in the coming months, so if you see a survey or site suggestion link... please use it... your input always matters to us.

    With that said... here's a little poll for you!

    What do you think about the merging of Sideboard, Magic Online, and

    Sounds GreatTerrible IdeaI Don't Really Care

    In the meantime, we're here - continuing our content and making big plans for the future. I'll be posting articles like these to inform you of progress and ask for your feedback. Thank you for listening and for continuing to make this site the great resource that it is by visiting the site.

    Great Things Are Coming!

    Daniel Stahl
    Managing Web Producer

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