Future Shifted

Posted in Feature on July 15, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

The RYZWear contest is over. After 500+ submissions and 200,000 votes we have five Winners. You have decided and now the work begins as RYZ works with the winning designers to finalize the shoes for production and create a line of products inspired by their designs.

Today, we spotlight Nathan Christner, whose "Future Shifted" design made him the overall champion. Let's get to know Nathan a little better, shall we?

Nathan Christner with his Daughter Ryleigh, age 2 1/2

1. How long have you played Magic?

I started playing around 15 years ago during Revised, shortly before Fallen Empires came out. I still regret missing out on opening up some Moxes or a Lotus or two by not discovering the game a few months sooner.

2. Do you play tournaments? If so, what is the best you have done?
The only tournaments I play in these days are the occasional Prerelease. I played in a few other tournaments back in the mid to late '90s, including winning a Beta Berserk in a Type 1.5 tournament and taking second in a small Type 1 tournament. The best I've done lately is going 3-1 in a handful of PRs.

3. What is the inspiration behind your design?

I wanted something clean and simple. I'd recently built a deck that used a couple Future Sight cards and I remembered how much I loved the new frame they used on the "future-shifted" cards. I got the border done in a couple hours but it took me a day or so before I decided how to finish it off when I settled on incorporating the five mana symbols into it.

4. What other things have you designed? Is your "day job" designing as well?

I put some thought into going into graphic design in high school before I got interested in journalism by accident (our school offered "Intro to Broadcast Journalism" as one of the choices for a required speech credit). I've always been interested in drawing and visual art and working as a photojournalist allows me to challenge my creativity on a daily basis. I also enjoy drawing/painting and still photography in my spare time.

5. Tell us a bit about the Nathan Christner story.

I'm a 27-year old husband and father from a small town in Kansas. I am a graduate of Wichita State University and I currently work as a photojournalist (and infrequent sports reporter) for a local TV station. Apart from my Magic and art-related hobbies which I've already touched on, I also consider myself quite the beer connoisseur. I have a collection of nearly 500 foreign and imported beer bottles from over 60 different countries (all of which I've personally sampled).

The good people at RYZ are busily creating a line of clothes based on the winning designs. Here, for example, is what the hat based on Nathan's design will look like!

RYZ is working with the other winners to complete the line, and we'll have more information as it becomes available.. To pre-order your Magic "future shifted gear" or any of the other winning shoes, go to shop.ryzwear.com/collections/magic-the-gathering.

Future Shifted
by Nathan Christner

Wrath and Damn
by Richard Ian Laureles

Swamp Walk
by William Thomas

Blood Splattered
by HK Lim

Path to Exile
by Kenny Koornneef


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