The Gift of Devotion

Posted in Feature on February 4, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

Most people assume that Standard is "solved," but Paul Dunn begs to differ. While he uses the most powerful cards in Mono-Black Devotion (Thoughtseize, Pack Rat, Underworld Connections, Hero's Downfall), his overall strategy is much different.

Gift of Orzhova

And, dare I say, better.

Mono-Black Devotion loses to Mono-Blue when it falls behind on board but cards like Gift of Orzhova, Nighthowler, Agent of the Fates, and Wring Flesh all help out in that department. Mono-Black mirrors end similarly and Nighthowler gives you a powerful, cheaper threat for the matchup.

Paul's deck might struggle against random decks or WU Control more than a typical Mono-Black Devotion deck, but with some fine-tuning, his Mono-Blue and Mono-Black matchups should be pretty good. I would want more sideboard cards for the difficult-looking white-blue matchup, but I'd like my spot against everything else.

Paul Dunn's Aggro Devotion

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