Goblin Mob

Posted in Feature on August 8, 2012

By Conley Woods

When I began playing Magic, Eighth Edition had just hit shelves and Onslaught block was dominating Constructed. As a new player, this was a pretty exciting time, as the tribal mechanic was an easy one to both understand and connect with. With my new-found love for the game, I quickly adopted a group of Goblins to steer me to victory. The deck was both fun and fast and helped cement my self-image as a Magic player. As I would eventually find out, Onslaught would catapult Goblins from a good tribe into one of the best the game has ever seen. Goblins have made some waves in Standard since then, but nothing on the same level as Onslaught.

Krenko, Mob Boss

With the release of Magic 2013, though, there are some new toys for the Goblin deck, and bmagazu put those tools to good use in a recent Standard Daily event on Magic Online. But making existing cards work out for the deck is also important. One of the key cards to come out of Onslaught for Goblins was Goblin Warchief, and although it is no longer in Standard to help us out, Goblin Chieftain has made for a more-than-adequate replacement for our purposes. Many of the other Goblins we have seen over the past few years in less tribal-centric roles also make an appearance. Spikeshot Elder and Goblin Wardriver are both good examples of this.

Magic 2013 added plenty of power to the deck as well. Krenko, Mob Boss is the coolest addition by far. Being able to create an army for nothing is something that Goblins can certainly get behind and once you combine the Mob Boss with haste, things get pretty crazy pretty fast. Krenko also brought along some soldiers, thanks to the newest Dragon Fodder, Krenko's Command. One exciting card in the list that has not seen much play since its reprinting is Goblin Grenade. Goblin Grenade is a very powerful card but requires a very specific deck to meet its conditions. It just so happens that an aggressive red deck chock full of the little green men is exactly what we were looking for. So if fast and furious is your style of play, you might want to check out Krenko and his new mob, because they look like they are here to stay!

Bmagazu's Goblins

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