Godzilla - Round 8

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By Wizards of the Coast

Godzilla during deck construction

Mike Long overseas deck construction.

Spiteful Bully serving a beating with Alabaster
Wall absorbing the 3 damage per turn.

David Williams had so many good
cards he didn't even need these ones.

David Williams deck.

Godzilla versus Iwamoto

The Sideboard will continue following the results of team Godzilla as long as they are the top leader in the Swiss rounds. The day started at 8:30 AM with a Rochester Draft.

Comments from team Godzilla (During round 8 deck construction):

Mike Long: "My opponent has absolutely no enchantment removal. I have 4 Muzzle, a Dehydration and 2 Seal of Removal."

Bob Maher: "I played the Spiteful Bully for two reasons. First, he is a two mana Mercenary, so I can gate him in and use him as a blocker, then he can kill himself the next upkeep if he needs to. Second, my opponent is playing white/black and doesn't have any ways to do extra damage to my creatures, so I can safely put three damage on my high-toughness creatures like Defender en-Vec, Alabaster Wall and Cho-Arrim Bruiser."

David Williams: "My deck was so good that I cut cards like Cave-In, Kyren Sniper, Rushwood Herbalist, Nesting Worm and Seal of Strength."

David Williams: "In the last booster of this draft, I got the most amazing picks I've ever had from one booster: Flowstone Crusher, Blastoderm and Treetop Bracers. For my deck the Treetop Bracers were actually the most valuable.

Mike Long: "David Williams has a potential 28 amazing cards for his deck."

Results of Round 8 (Godzilla versus Team Iwamoto)

David Williams defeated his opponent 2-0 in 6 minutes. (His opponent played blue/black).
Bob Maher defeated his opponent 2-0 in 35 minutes. (His opponent played white/black).
Mike Long drew with his opponent at the end of the round. (His opponent played green/red).

Rochester Draft decks for Godzilla. (Round 8)

Mike Long (blue/white)

Download Arena Decklist

David Williams (red/green)

Download Arena Decklist

Bob Maher (white/black)

Download Arena Decklist

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