Golgari minions vs. Boros flame

Posted in Feature on November 2, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

We've already seen the key to Guild Golgari's strategy in Ravnica: plant zombies that never seem to die, Grave-Shell Scarab that do periodic Golgari Brownscale for recycling, elementals that Woodwraith Corrupter what little Dark Heart of the Wood Ravnica has left.

But what's the Boros gameplan to deal with such corrupt strategies? What do those justice-minded warriors, led by the fiery angel Razia, Boros Archangel, do when up against these face-painted bug-riders and rotting tree-freaks?

They burn. Burnnnnnnnn.

Does it work? Well, see for yourself. Here's the enlarged art of Brightflame:


"Let the pyres of the unbelievers light our way." - Razia

As you can see in the art, a Golgari elf insect-rider (foreground) and a plant zombie (just behind him, left of frame) are about to get toasted. And way back in the background, another elf and his insect mount are already being consumed by the purifying flames. Ouch. The Brightflame (right) sums it up perfectly.

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