Grand Prix

Grand Prix–Kansas City

Posted in Feature on August 29, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Entry Fee
Entry fee varies from location to location. Check with local organizer for specific information.


  • Swiss Rounds: Sealed Deck, Top 8: Booster Draft
  • For events happening before Oct 4, 2008:
    • Sealed Deck Product: 1 Shadowmoor tournament pack and 2 Eventide booster packs per player
    • Booster Draft Product: 2 Shadowmoor and 1 Eventide booster per player
  • For Event happening Oct 4 and later:
    • Sealed Deck Product: 1 Shards of Alara Tournament pack and two Shards of Alara boosters per player
    • Booster Draft Product: 3 Shards of Alara boosters per player
  • Deck lists are required
  • If product is not stamped or pre-registered, deck registration and deck swap will be performed for the Swiss Sealed Deck.

Tournament Length

  • Swiss rounds - 50 minutes per round
  • Number of Swiss rounds based on attendance according to the following chart:
    AttendanceSwiss rounds
    8Single Elim.
    9 - 164
    17 - 325
    33 - 646
    65 - 1287
    129 - 2268
    227 - 4099
    410 or higher10


  • All players may participate in all Swiss rounds.
  • The top 8 players after the final Swiss round will advance to the top 8 single-elimination finals.

Top 8

  • Top 8 matches will be best 2 of 3
  • Top 8 matches will have no time limit
  • The Top 8 players will be seated randomly at the draft table immediately prior to drafting.
  • The Top 8 bracket will be determined using this random seating.
  • Where necessary, the standings after the Swiss rounds will still be used to determine final order in the standings.


  • 24K, Competitive
  • All Universal Tournament Rules and Magic: the Gathering Floor Rules are in effect for this event unless specifically overruled by information in this Format Document
  • Players must bring pen, paper, card sleeves and appropriate counters.


  • At least 1 third-round bye at Grand Prix–Kansas City is offered at each Trial.
  • Product prizes to be determined by the organizer

Registration Information

  • Players who want more specific local tournament or registration information should call their local contact phone number.
  • Players who have general questions about the Magic: The Gathering® trading card game, Wizards of the Coast, Inc., the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour, DCI players’ organization, Qualifier tournaments, the Magic® World Championships, National Championships, or Regionals should call Wizards of the Coast at (800) 324-6496, or send email to
StateCityEvent date3rd
LocationAddressContact phoneURL
IllinoisChicago10/12/20081Pastimes8351 W. Golf Rd847-470-9636Website
IllinoisBloomington9/6/20081Gryfalia's Aerie413 N. Main St.309-828-9196Website
IndianaIndianapolis10/4/20081Indiana Convention Center100 S. Capitol847-470-9636Website
IowaAmes10/12/20081The 9th Zone114 Washington Ave.515-232-2325Website
KansasOverland Park8/30/20081Collectors Cache10150 West 119th St.913-208-6695Website
KansasLenexa9/6/20081Win More Games12108 W. 87th St. Pkwy913-208-6695Website
KentuckyLouisville 10/11/20081Book and Music Exchange5400 Preston Hwy502-969-4403Website
MichiganDetroit9/6/20081Pandemonium1858 Middlebelt Rd., Garden City877-913-8881 Website
MinnesotaMinneapolis9/13/20081Misty Mountain North2113 W. Burnsville Pkwy608-441-0312Website
MissouriSpringfield10/11/20081Meta-Games Unlimited3309 East Sunshine417-881-9390Website
MissouriSt. Louis10/12/20081The Fantasy Shop2426 W. Clay847-998-9816Website
MissouriKansas City10/12/20081Win More Games12108 W. 87th St. Pkwy913-208-6695Website
MissouriGladstone9/20/20081Action Sports6041 Northeast Antioch Rd913-208-6695Website
MissouriWarrensburg9/13/20081Juggernauts Hideout120 West Pine913-208-6695Website
NebraskaOmaha8/30/20081Krypton Comics2819 S. 125th Ave., Ste 261402-434-5040Website
OklahomaTulsa9/21/20081Wizard Asylum7165 S. Mingo Rd.620-584-6555Website
OklahomaOklahoma City10/12/20081Game HQ1620 SW 89, Ste J620-584-6555Website
South DakotaSioux Falls8/30/20081Dragons Den2517 S. Shirley Ave608-441-0312Website
TennesseeNashville9/13/20081Next Level Games1000 Rivergate Parkway, Ste 1300615-673-0380Website
TennesseeCordova10/12/20081Mid-South Game Center7990 Trinity Rd., Suite 125901-759-1153Website
TexasGarland9/21/20081Comicbook Craze1456 Belt Line Road, Suite #121620-584-6555Website
WisconsinMadison9/6/20081Misty Mountain Games1922 S. Stoughton Rd.608-441-0312Website

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