Grand Prix–Melbourne 2009 Trials

Posted in Feature on August 18, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

DateCityCountryVenueContact Email
2009-08-01HobartAustraliaEmail03 62310271Email
2009-08-02AdelaideAustraliaInfinity Games08 84102404Email
2009-08-08SydneyAustraliaGood Games02 92811760Email
2009-08-08MelbourneAustraliaDungeon of Magic03 96505815Email
2009-08-16CanberraAustraliaMind Games Canberra02 62487722Email
2009-08-16IpswichAustraliaMerlins Mantle07 54823758Email
2009-08-22MelbourneAustraliaMeta Games0 393296544Email
2009-08-23BurwoodAustraliaGood Games Burwood02 97153229 Email
2009-08-23MaroochydoreAustraliaCard House07 54437794Email
2009-08-29GosfordAustraliaGood Games Gosford02 43227937Email
2009-08-30NundahAustraliaFastbreak Sports07 38619655Email
2009-08-30TownsvilleAustraliaWulguru community centre07 47792408Email
2009-08-30PerthAustraliaBassendean Community Hall0431 895 475Email
2009-09-05PenrithAustraliaMega Games(02) 4722 9975Email
2009-09-05MelbourneAustraliaMind Bogglers03 97232293Email
2009-09-06WollongongAustraliaGood Games Wollongong04 38728742Email
2009-09-12SydneyAustraliaGood Games029 2811760Email
2009-09-13AdelaideAustraliaInfinity Games08 84102404Email
2009-09-13MelbourneAustraliaGood Games Melbourne03 96700102Email
2009-09-13NewcastleAustraliaMayfield Ex-Services Club0402 322435Email
2009-09-20DubboAustraliaDubbo RSL0439 847611Email
2009-09-20BrisbaneAustraliaBrisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre0424 585701Email
2009-09-20MelbourneAustraliaCardTastic Collectables03 95785363Email
2009-08-22ChristchurchNew ZealandWizard's Retreat021 1644561Email
2009-08-23TakapunaNew ZealandVagabond Takapuna09 4892750Email
2009-09-05WellingtonNew ZealandTurnbull House021 2594849Email
2009-09-06AucklandNew ZealandGames HQ9826 5606Email
2009-09-12AucklandNew ZealandKing of Cards09 3094795Email
2009-09-13HamiltonNew ZealandVagabond Games - Hamilton07 8343041Email

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