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Posted in Feature on January 25, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Aleksi BriclotA concept artist and art director in the videogame industry for 9 years, Aleksi was lead artist on ColdFear, the horror-action game developed by DarkWorks for Ubisoft, then on Splinter Cell Double Agent from the hit series and more recently on the big upcoming titles Haze (still Ubisoft) and Dungeon Runners (NCsoft). He also contributed to the trailer for Heroes of Might & Magic 4 trailer and the booth banner for Prince of Persia 3 at E3 in 2005.

Also an illustrator, he has drawn pieces for RPG books (hundreds of interior illustrations), magazines, and comics. He did covers for Mage, Vampire , C.O.P.S. Rpgs, Tolkien, J.V.Jones, Bradley Books, WizKids' Horrorclix packaging, Privateer Press, the World of Warcraft CCG, and is also one of the main card and packaging artists for Wizards of the Coast (Magic: The Gathering and Dreamblade,). As for comic-books, his early works were the comics adaptation of the videogame Alone in the Dark 4, then the graphic novel Spawn: Simony for Todd McFarlane Productions (the best-selling trade paper back in the US for May 2004). He has also taken part in the Legends of the Round Table, a comic-book for the European market. He is also a cover artist for Marvel on the "Annihilation: Conquest" saga and for "Hellgate", a Dark Horse limited comic-book series.

He continues to illustrate "Merlin", an ambitious 130 pages artbook about the legendary wizard and a new Spawn graphic novel called "Architects of Fear" for TMP. He is also an instructor for the international ConceptArt / MassiveBlack workshops. You can find samples of his artworks in several international artbooks, fantastic and digital art anthologies and magazines. Aleksi is 29 years old and is living and working in Paris.

For a complete list of Aleksi's Magic cards, see the Gatherer card database.

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