Grand Prix—Kitakyushu 2009 Trials

Posted in Feature on September 8, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Entry Fee

Entry fee varies from location to location. Check with the local organizer for specific information.


  • The format for all Grand Prix—Kitakyushu Trial tournaments is Sealed Deck with Booster Draft finals.
    • Tournaments held before October 2, 2009 will use either 6 Magic 2010 Core Set booster packs or 2 booster packs each of Shards of Alara, Conflux, and Alara Reborn for the Sealed Deck portion of the Trial. For the Booster Draft portion of the tournament, if Magic 2010 was used in the Sealed Deck, each player will receive 3 Magic 2010 boosters to draft with; if Alara Block was used in the Sealed Deck, each player will receive 1 booster pack each of Shards of Alara, Conflux, and Alara Reborn. Check with the tournament organizer for information on which format will be used.
    • Trials run on October 2 or later will use 6 Zendikar booster packs for the Sealed Deck potion of the Trial, and 3 booster packs Zendikar for the Booster Draft.
  • Deck lists are required.

Tournament Length

  • Each round in the Swiss portion of the tournament will be 50 minutes.
  • Top 8 matches will have no time limit
  • The number of Swiss rounds will be determined based on attendance according to the following chart:
AttendanceNo. of Rounds
9 – 164
17 - 325
33 – 646
65 – 1287
129 – 2268
227 – 4109
411 or higher10


  • All players may participate in all Swiss rounds.
  • The top 8 players after the final Swiss rounds will advance to the top 8 single-eliminations finals. (If a Trial has exactly 8 players, the tournament shall consist of 3 rounds of single elimination.)

Top 8 Finals

  • Top 8 matches will be played using Booster Draft. Seating for the draft will be determined randomly immediately before the draft begins.
  • Top 8 matches will be best 2 of 3.
  • Where necessary, the standings after the Swiss rounds will be used to determine final order in the standings.


  • All Grand Prix—Kitakyushu Trials will be run using Rules Enforcement Level: Competitive at 24K.
  • All Universal Tournament Rules and Magic: The Gathering Floor Rules are in effect for this event unless specifically overruled by information in this format document.
  • Players are responsible for bringing their own pen, paper, card sleeves, and appropriate counters.


  • The winning player of each Grand Prix—Kitakyushu Trial tournament in Japan will receive an third round bye at Grand Prix—Kitakyushu (to be held October 31-November 1, 2009). If the winner of a Grand Prix—Kitakyushu Trial already has a third round bye, the bye does not pass down. Byes are only usable for the appropriate Grand Prix and cannot be "carried over" to another Grand Prix tournament.
  • Additional product prizes may be awarded, as determined by the organizer.

Registration Information

  • Players who want more specific local tournament or registration information should contact their local organizer.
  • Information in this document is specific to Japan; Trials held outside Japan may have different entry fees, etc. For information regarding tournaments outside Japan, please contact the local organizer.
  • This list will be updated regularly as more Trial tournaments are scheduled.

Last Update: 2009-09-21

Hokkkaido, Muroran-shi2009-10-18Motowa Nishi Kaikan10:30-11:00Yuusuke MiwaEmail
Hokkkaido, Sapporo-shi2009-08-16Chieria9:30-10:00Mitsunori MakinoEmail
Miyagi-ken, Sendai-shi2009-10-18Tsutsuji-ga-oka Shi-min Center9:30-10:00Toshiyuki SeinoEmail
Chiba-ken, Chiba-shi2009-10-11Chiba Shi-min Kaikan9:30-10:00Takeshi MiyasakaEmail
Chiba-ken, Chiba-shi2009-10-18Chiba Shi-min Kaikan9:30-10:00Takeshi MiyasakaEmail
Niigata-ken, Sanjou-shi2009-10-11Messe Pia9:10-10:00Kazuhiro WakatsukiEmail
Tokyo-to, Itabashi-ku2009-10-12Itabashi Green Hall9:30-10:00Naoaki UmesakiEmail
Tokyo-to, Itabashi-ku2009-10-25Itabashi Green Hall9:30-10:00Naoaki UmesakiEmail
Kanagawa-ken, Kawasaki-shi2009-10-10Kawasaki-shi Kyoiku Bunka Kaikan9:30-10:00Tomoya NakajimaEmail
Kanagawa-ken, Kawasaki-shi2009-10-24Kawasaki-shi Kyoiku Bunka Kaikan9:30-10:00Tomoya NakajimaEmail
Nagano-ken, Okaya-shi2009-10-17Okaya-shi Meeting Room10:10-10:30Jun YanagisawaEmail
Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi2009-09-06Nagoya Kowan Kaikan9:30-10:30Yu KanazawaEmail
Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi2009-10-18Nagoya Kowan Kaikan9:30-10:30Yu KanazawaEmail
Ishikawa-ken, Kanazawa-shi2009-10-18Kanzawa Kageki-za10:30-11:00Kaoru YonemuraEmail
Hyogo-ken, Nishinomiya-shi2009-08-16Nishinomiya Shi-min Kaikan9:30-10:15Satoshi MiyamotoWebsite
Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi2009-10-11Kita Ku-min CenterTBASatoshi
Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi2009-10-25Nishi Ku-min Center9:30-10:00Satoshi
Hiroshima-ken, Fukuyama-shi2009-09-13Fukuyama Shi-min Sankaku Center9:20-9:50Shin'ichiro TachibanaEmail
Hiroshima-ken, Fukuyama-shi2009-10-18Fukuyama-shi Seibu Shi-min Center9:20-9:50Shin'ichiro TachibanaEmail
Ehime-ken, Matsuyama-shi2009-10-11Matsuyama Shi-min Kaikan9:20-9:50Shin'ichiro TachibanaEmail
Kagawa-ken, Marugame-shi2009-10-25Marugame Shi-min Kaikan9:20-9:50Shin'ichiro TachibanaEmail
Okinawa-ken, Nakagami-gun2009-10-11ABSOLUTE ZERO9:20-9:50Makoto OobayashiEmail
Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi2009-10-18Sawara Shi-min Center9:20-9:50 Makoto Oobayashi Email
Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi2009-10-24Chuuou Shi-min Center9:20-9:50 Makoto Oobayashi Email

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