Grand Prix Copenhagen 2000 - 1st draft table 1

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By Wizards of the Coast

Results 1st draft table 1 (but read this report first!)


  1. Sigurd Eskeland
  2. Tom Van de Logt
  3. Niels Sanders Jensen
  4. Franck Canu
  5. Haakon Monsen
  6. Marcus Angelin
  7. Mattias Jorstedt
  8. Thomas Dall Jensen

The first boosters:

Booster 1:  
Sigurd Stinging Barrier
Tom R.Sergeant
Niels Shock Troops
Franck R.Airship
Haakon Horned Troll
Marcus L. Hounds
Mattias D.Legate
Thomas L.Satyr
Thomas2 Tiger Claws
Matthais2 Bog Witch
Marcus2 Collective Unconsciousness
Haakon2 Ancestral Mask
Booster 2 :  
Tom R.Lieutenant
Niels Vendetta
Franck Charmed Grifin
Haakon Overtaker
Marcus Blaster Mage
Mattias R.Footpad
Thomas Crossbow Infantry
Sigurd Balloon Peddler
Sigurd2 Ramosian Rally
Thomas2 Squall
Booster 3:  
Niels Cateran Brute
Franck Waterfront Bouncer
Haakon Wild Jhovall
Marcus G. Irregulars
Mattias Cateran Summons
Thomas Orim's Cure
Sigurd Magistrates Veto
Tom Venemous Dragonfly
Tom2 Inviobility
Booster 4:  
Franck Hired Giant
Haakon C. Slaver
Marcus Invigorate
Mattias M.Therapy
Thomas Rushwood Dryad
Sigurd Blockade Runner
Tom Disenchant
Niels Flaming Sword
Niels2 Deepwood Ghoul
Tom2 Revered Elder
Sigurd2 Cloud Sprite

The players' perspectives.

Sigurd: It is commonly known that being in first or last position is not a great place to be. He made a old statement with his double blue first pick of the Stinging Barrier and stayed blue for the rest of the draft. This turned out ok for him - by the end of the boosters there were only 2 and a half blue players. In the second booster he got a Balloon Peddler and a Ramosian Rally, but was soon pushed out of white, as Thomas (to his left) took every white card available from that point. Half way through the Masques he noticed that there were only two red players and started taking s many red cards as he could to make a point to the rest of the players. Unfortunately for the new slimline Norwegian, even though no one else moved into red, no good Nemesis red showed up and his deck was looking like a bunch of Sprites, Skates and Wandering Eyes. Mercifully he managed to get a Flowstone Thopter in the last booster of this set. First picking a Keldon Beserker in the Prophecy he might have seemed potentially ok, but again the red was surprisingly weak, so 3 Rethinks, a Spur Grappler and a Barbed Field were the only good cards he could get from then on. Sigurd is a great player, but he will find these matches very tricky.

9 Islands Balloon Peddler
8 Mountains Blockade Runner
Saprazzan Breaker Stinging Barrier
Blaster Mage Brawl
Kris Mage Flowstone Thopter
Rusting Golem Laccolith Grunt
2 Cloudskate Ensnare
2 Wandering Eye Alexi's Cloak
3 Rethink Barbed Field
Keldon Berserker Spur Grappler
Veteran Brawlers!  

Tom: His first pick was a Sergeant, then in the second booster he took a Lieutenant over a Charmed Griffin which is a questionable choice. The rebels then seemed to fall into his lap from this point though - 2 Steadfast Guards, 1 Falcon, 1 Lightbringer, 1 Lawbringer, 1 Mercenary Infromer and aTrenching Steed. However, there was no glider. He got a second pick Avatar of Hope in the Prophecy, but other than that his deck does not pack much punch. I believe he will have to splash a little black to make a full 40 cards. His one Silkenfist Order might prove to save him in many situations.

11 Plains Alabastar Wall
6 Swamps 2 Disenchant
Ramosian Lieutenant Ramosian Sergeant
2 Steadfast Guard 2 Agent of Shaku
1 Fen Stalker Avatar of Hope
Divining Griffin Flowering Field
Mercenary Informer Rhystic Shield
Soul Charmer Trenching Steed
Defiant Falcon Lawbringer
Lightbringer Silkenfist Order
Sivvi's Ruse Topple

Niels: His first choice of Shock Troops will not be played. His first few relevant picks were Shock Trops, Vendetta, Cateran Brute, Flaming Sword, Deepwood Ghoul, Spidersilk Armour, Deepwood Ghoul, Spidersilk Armour!, Vendetta. Unsurprisingly he ended up playing a black/green deck. His red dried up as Sigurd moved in on his right and it became an unlikely choice to continue trying to draft it as Franck strangely first picked a Hired Giant in the fourth booster. In Nemesis the black and green did not fall that well for him although a few good cards like a Seal of Removal and Intimidator showed up. The Prophecy was more kind though, with two Living Terrain, Steal Strength and a Thresher Beast. He certainly has enough cards to build a solid deck here.

Chimeric Idol 2 Death Charmer
Fen Stalker Steal Strength
2 Living Terrain 2 Spore Frog
Thresher Beast Vine Trellis
2 Spidersilk Armour 2 Vendetta
2 Deepwood Ghoul 1 Cateran Brute
Rathi Intimidator Spitefull Bully
Seal of Strength 2 Treetop Bracers
8 Swamps 8 Forests
1 Rath's Edge  

Franck: Airship, Griffin, Waterfront Bouncer then Hired Giant. The Giant surprised me as there was an equally good (imo) Blockade Runner which really could have shut out the blue, and there was not a white player to his right at that stage. Maybe he just refuses to draft white and wanted to move into red even though the two players to his left had taken playable red cards. This was the upsetting move of the game for the rest of the players as colours shifted hugely as a result. Haakon (to his right) left his Wild Jhovall for dead, but more confusion followed as Franck then proceeded to take Gush, Kyren Sniper Warmonger (over Wild Jhovall) Trap Runer, Fresh Volunteers, 2 Defiant Falcons, 2 Crushers (the red fell well for him in Nemesis), Ancient Hydra, Machinist, Seal of Cleansing, Flame rift, Defender-en-Vec, Withdraw, Scoria Cat, Troubled Healer, Glittering Lion, Ribbon Snake, Minatour and Sword Dancer. So - it turns out he is going to end up with a U/R/W deck with lots of strong cards, but there seems to be a huge problem with the mana base - there are a huge amount of double colour casting cost cards.

4 Islands Charmed Griffin
7 Mountains Fresh Volunteers
7 Plains Orim's Cure
Trap Runner Gush
Rishadan Airship Waterfront Bouncer
Hired Giant Kyren Sniper
Warmonger Defender-en-Vec
2 Defiant Falcon Ancient Hydra
2 Flowstone Crusher Hollow Warrior
Megata's Boon Soul Charmer
Sword Dancer Troubled Healer
Scoria Cat Withdraw

Haakon: It seems his drafting strategy was to pick the best cards, then think about colours later. After a few early colour changes (he took an Overtaker and Wild Jhoval) he moved into black/green - the only two colours Franck was not drafting, but his card count will be short, as Marcus, to his left, played green too, but had better earlier picks in Masques and swiped a Blastoderm in the Nemesis. Basically, his deck has some strong cards like Slaver, Pit Raptor and Massacre, but will have to run some weak ones too.

9 Forest Cackling Witch
9 Swamp Cateran Slaver
Dark Ritual Horned Troll
Silverglade Elemental Vine Trellis
Massacre Plague Witch
Rathi Intimidator Spitefull Bully
Viscious Hunger Skyshroud Cutter
Treetop Bracers Despoil
Pit Raptor Whipstitched Zombie
Rib Cage Spider Squirrel Wrangler
2 Thrive Verdant Field
Vintara Elephant Wild Might

Marcus: This guy really stuck to his guns. Lightning Hounds, Collective Unconsciousness, Blaster Mage, Irregulars, Invigorate, Kris Mage, Thunderclap, Jhovall, Dragonfly, Cave Sense, Revive, Grunt, Blastoderm, Arc Mage, etc etc. By this stage his deck was looking quite strong, but his red and green were cut of pretty badly in Prophecy by both Haakon and Franck. Even so, I should turn out ok.

16 Mountains! Blaster Mage
Gerrard's Irregulars Kris Mage
Kyren Glider Lightning Hounds
Thunderclap Wild Jhovall
Fault Riders Panic Attack
3 Spur Grapplers 2 Zerapa Minotaur
Arc Mage Bola Warrior
Downhill Charge Flame Rift
Flowstone Crusher 2 Flowstone Strike
Laccolith Grunt 2 Mogg Toady

Mattias: He tried to stamp on black from the outset - Deepwood Legate, Bog Witch (he was making a point here - there was a Collective Unconsciousness in the booster remaining), Maggot Therapy, Kidnappers, Brute, Nether Spirit and Bog Smugglers. He was looking heavy black, but had also taken a Footpad and a Counterspell. A Dominate then found it's way to him in the first nemesis booster and his colours were decided. The second booster then handed him a Rathi Assassin. He also picked up a Viscious Hunger, Seal of Doom and Plague Witch! The Prophey was just as good for him - 2 Spiketail Hatchling, Withdraw, Rethink, Fen Stalker, Rebel Informer and Avatar of Woe. This deck should be really good.

Counterspell Rishidan Footpad
Daze Dominate
Rethink Spiketail Hatchling * 2
Withdraw Bog Smugglers
Cateran Brute Cateran Kidnappers
Cateran Summons Deepwood Legate
Maggot Therapy Nether Spirit
Plague Witch Rathi Assassin
Seal of Doom Viscious Hunger
Avatar of Woe Fen Stalker
Flay Rebel Informer
7 Islands 10 Swamps

Thomas: Like Marcus he stayed in hi colours from the outset. He drafted green/white hich looked weak to begin with until the latter part of the Masques where he picked up Noble Purpose, Invigorate, Ballista Squad, Nightwind Glider. By the end of the 3 sets he had a reasonable white/ green deck with some fat, a few tricks and a Faith Healer. The fat might well cause problems for some of the other players.

8 Forest Ballista Squad
9 Plains Crossbow Infantry
Nightwind Glider Noble Purpose
Invigorate Rushwood Dryad
Tiger Claws Defiant Vanguard
Oracle's Attendants Silkenfist Fighter
Silkenfist Order Seal of Strength
Woodripper Chimeric Idol
Divining Griffin Excise
2 Mageta's Boon Trenching Steed
Troubled Healer Silt Crawler
Spore Frog Thresher Beast

Mattias is my favourite to win this draft, but hey - he is on my team, so I would say that.

- Written by Ben Ronaldson.

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