Grand Prix Copenhagen 2000

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By Wizards of the Coast

Round 6
Feature match
Bob Maher vs. Antoine Ruel

A bit of transatlantic rivalry this round as Antoine Ruel from France's Team Black Ops faces the formidable American Bob Maher, the MAN in the last extended season. Like most of the people here today both players are playing three colour decks with two strong colours and a back up splash. Bob's deck is B/R/g and Antoine's is B/W/r.

Game One
Antoine wins the toss and elects to let Bob play first. Bob takes a mulligan and decides to keep his hand of six cards. Bob plays a turn three Wandering Eye revealing Shoving Match, Waterfront Bouncer, Panic Attack, Thrive and Scoria Cat in his hand and Bog Elemental, Lawbringer, Death Charmer and some land. Antoine plays out the Death Charmer and Lawbringer over the next few turns as Bob is stuck with no effective creatures in hand. Antoine draws into a Gerard's Irregulars, which Bob kills, by blocking with a Thrived Bouncer and having it bounce itself. Antoine top decks a Topple which kills the also thrived Wandering Eye leaving Bob with only his just cast Bouncer for defence. Bob, who has been stuck on four land for quite a while now with the Scoria Cat in his hand, draws an Airship and uses it and the Bouncer to kill a Belbe's Percher on Antoine's next attack. Bob can't keep up on four land as Antoine cast his Bog Elemental and Bob has to bounce it leaving himself open to Antoine's ground attack with his Airship unable to defend. Hence Bob concedes.

Game Two
Bob seems to get the upper hand early in this game casting a Ramosian Captain on turn three and following it up with an Oraxid on turn four. Antoine manages to even things out by casting a turn four Enslaved Horror. On his next turn Antoine attacks with the Enslaved Horror which Bob does not block, then casts a Rathi Assassin. In Antoine's end step Bob uses his Captain to search for a rebel and gets a Pious Warrior into play, which attacks along with the Oraxid next turn. Antoine hits Bob with the Horror again and kills the Oraxid with the Assassin. Bob searches again this time getting a Defiant Vanguard, which should stop the Horror beats. Antoine has the answer however and Vicious Hungers the Vanguard before again serving with the Horror. In response to the Hunger Bob had fetched a Thermal Glider but it would proove not to be enough as he fails to draw anything but land. The game ends when Antoine drops a Wishmonger and uses it to send the Horror in for the final four points of damage.

Ruel wins 2-0

- Tarik Brown

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