Grand Prix Copenhagen 2000

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By Wizards of the Coast

Round 8
Feature match
Daniel O'Mahoney Schwartz vs. Patrick Mello

Both players were reasonalby happy with the way the draft went and agree that there seemed to be a fair distribution of first picks for most people at the table. Dan's deck is U/B and has a good range of blue Prophecy cards, the best of which is no doubt Alex, Zephyr Mage. Patrick's deck is B/G also has his bomb from Prophecy in the shape of an Avatar of Woe.

Game one
Effective blue creatures won this game for Dan with early offence supplied by a Ribbon Snake followed up later on by a Coastal Horndaw. Patrick cn't really keep up but is making a valiant effort attacking with his Rusting Golem and a Rushwood Dryad, Dan removes the Dryad with his plague Witch and lets the Golem through. On his next turn Dan casts a Jolting Merfolk and uses this to continue the pressure, first attacking with the Coastal Horndaw and Ribbon Snake and then following next turn with the Merfolk as well. Dan keeps Patrick to one blocker by using Maggot Therapy to kill a 2/2 Rushing Golem, and despite Patrick getting a second Nesting Wurm when he casts his first cdan't stop the Merfolk leaving him defenceless and Dan quickly finishes him.

Game two
Dan gets a slow start, not doing anything until turn five when he uses the ACC of Gush after he has added two mana to his pool he then lays his first Swamp and casts Maggot Therapy on Patrick's Belbe's Percher. Patrick has had a very quick start and is really taking advantage of Dan's lack of drops with a Vintara Snapper and a Belbe's Percher supplying the offence. A treetop bracers on the Snappers Hepis to speed the beats up and by the time Dan makes the previously mentioned turn five play he is already at eight life. A Vintara Elephant joins the offence and it proves too much for Dan as Patrick taps out, thus making his Snapper untargettable to fizzle Dan's attempt to Withdraw his creatures.

Game three
Unlike the previous two games this game is much more. Patrick is again quickly on the offensive this time with two Vintara Snappers instead of just one. Dan replies quickly with Plague Witch and Overtaker which swings things his way. Patrick continues to apply pressure although he is yet to draw his first black mana. Attacks are traded until time is called with Dan on 8 and Patrick on 4 having been attacked during Dan's last turn. Patrick makes a valiant effort casting Wingstorm to do Dan two damage due to his Stromwatch Eagle, he then scoops revealing a hand of double black spells, including Highway Robber and Rhystic Syphon.

Dan wins 2-1

- Tarik Brown

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