Grand Prix Copenhagen 2000 - 2nd draft - table 1

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By Wizards of the Coast


  1. Franck Canu
  2. Peter Myrvig
  3. Gottlieb Yeh
  4. Gunnar Refsdal
  5. Johan Cedercrantz
  6. Mattias Jorstedt
  7. Niels Sanders Jensen
  8. Sigurd Eskeland

The first boosters:

Booster 1:  
Franck Crooked Scales
Peter Vine Trellis
Gottlieb Enslaved Horror
Gunnar Darting Merfolk
Johan Cateran Brute
Mattias Tremor
Niels Highway Robber
Sigurd Stone Rain
Sigurd2 Ceremonial Guard
Niels2 Skulking Fugitive
Mattias2 Howling Wolf
Booster 2:  
Peter Waterfront Bouncer
Gottlieb Shock Troops
Gunnar Ramosian Captain
Johan Lightning Hounds
Mattias Gerard's Irregulars
Niels Ramosian Sergeant
Sigurd Thwart
Franck Tiger Claws
Franck2 Ancestral Mask
Booster 3:  
Gottlieb Lunge
Gunnar Ramosian Commander
Johan Highway Robbers
Mattias Horned Troll
Niels Cho-Manno's Blessing
Sigurd Panacea
Franck Skulking Fugitive
Peter Deepwood Tantif
Peter2 Dartin Merfolk
Franck2 Collective Unconsciousness
Booster 4:  
Gunnar Arrest
Johan Blaster Mage
Mattias Gerrard's Irregulars
Niels Nightwind Glider
Sigurd Saprazzan Outrigger
Franck Cateran Persuader
Peter Ramosian Sergeant
Gottlieb Intimidation
Gottlieb2 Orim's Cure
Booster 5:  
Johan Kris Mage
Mattias Vine Trellis
Niels Ramosian Skycaptain
Sigurd Wild Jhovall
Franck Cateran Brute
Peter Steadfast Guard
Gottlieb Orim's Cure
Gunnar Gush
Gunnar2 Barbed Wire
Gottlieb2 Molting Harpy
Peter2 Lure
Franck2 Misshapen Fiend
Sigurd2 Venemous Dragonfly
Booster 6:  
Mattias Spidersilk Amour
Niels Ramosian Lieutenant
Sigurd Drake Hatchling
Franck Desert Twister
Peter Arrest
Gottlieb Ogre Taskmaster
Gunnar Counterspell
Johan Rampart Crawler
Johan2 Crossbow Infantry
Gunnar2 Balloon Peddler

The players' perspectives.

Neils: Opening up a Crooked Scales in his first booster, then a Flagship in the second, the cards were just falling into his lap here - later on came Vitalizing Wind, Squirrel Wrangler, Volrath the Fallen, Jorael, Empress of Beasts, and a bunch of green fat cards. Peter, to his left, had picked a Vine Trellis in the first booster over a Cateran Brute and an Enslaved Horror, so Franck moving into green seriously affected Myrvig's draft, neither one of them backing down. As long as people don't give him trouble in the early game he will do very well with this gift.

Booster 1:  
10 Forests Rath's Edge
7 Swamps Crooked Scales
Cateran Brute Cateran Persuader
Deathgazer Misshapen Fiend
Snuff Out Collective Unconsciousness
Tiger Claws Predator Flagship
Volrath the Fallen Blastoderm
Skyshroud Claim Skyshroud Poacher
3 Skyshroud Sentinels Woodripper
Jorael, Empress of Beasts Silt Crawler
Squirrel Wrangler Thresher Beast
Vintara Elephant Vitalising Wind

Peter: Vine Trellis, Waterfront Bouncer, Deepwood Tantif, Darting Merfolk, Ramosian Sergeant, Steadfast Guard, Lure, Arrest, Ramosian Lieutenant, Bloackade Runner, Seal of Strength - there are no signs at this stage that he has chosen 2 colours. To his right is black/green and to his left is red/black, so I guess blue and white might have been good, but when a Saproling Burst came his way he stayed undecided till the end of the draft.

Booster 1:  
3 Forest Arrest
6 Island Ramosian Lieutenant
8 Plains Ramosian Sergeant
Steadfast Guard Blockade Runner
Waterfront Bouncer Lawbringer
Voice of Truth Cloudskate
Jolting Merfolk Rootwater Commando
Seal of Removal Trickster Mage
Saproling Burst Divining Griffin
Megeta the Lion Rhystic Shield
Shield Dancer Soul Charmer
Troubled Healer Silt Crawler
Vintara Elephant  

Gottlieb: This draft table managed to support four black players, but Gottlieb's deck is not tht impressive.He was a little unlucky as Neils only joined black for certain when he opened up a Slaver at the end of Masques, otherwise he might have had four black Nemesis picks from his left. Still - he does have a game winner (Flowstone Slide), and a Thopter, but the black evasion creatures evaded him.

Booster 1:  
9 Mountains Deepwood Ghoul
9 Swamps Enslaved Horror
Intimidation Molting Harpy
Kyren Sniper Lunge
Ogre Taskmaster Shock Troops
Flowstone Thopter Carrion Wall
Flowstone Crusher Flowstone Slide
Laccolith Grunt Avatar of Woe
Chilling Apparition Flay
Greel's Caress Steal Strength
2 Kledon Berseker Ridgeline Racer
Spur Grappler  

Gunnar: With two red/black players surrounding him he was handed his u/w deck on a plate. His only off colour pick in the first set was a Silverglade Pathfinder. However, with only a reasonable rebel engine that lacks early plays and a flyer, and only two flyers (one of which needs to sack land), his deck is not as strong as you might expect. I think the cards just didn't fall well for him.

Booster 1:  
8 Islands Arrest
9 Plains 2 Devout Witness
Disenchant Ramosian Captain
Ramosian Commander Darting Merfolk
Lawbringer 2 Lightbringers
Silkenfist Order Topple
Ensnare Oraxid
Seal of Removal 2 Mageta's Boon
Mirror Strike Reville Squad
Coastal Hornclaw Spiketail Hatchling

Johan: Brute, Lightning Hounds, Highway Robbers, Blaster Mage, Kris Mage were his first picks and he stcuk to these colours all the way through. Mattias tried to shake him off red to his left (which is a hard thing to do from that position, but prophecy red is good enough to worry about) but failed, although the Swede ended up with red/green anyway. There is nothing really scary in his deck, but he can do ok.

Booster 1:  
7 Mountain Cateran Brute
10 Swamp Highway Robber
Specter's Wail Blaster Mage
Kris Mage Kyren Sniper
Lightning Hounds 2 Belbe's Percher
Carrion Wall 2 Plague Witch
Spineless Thug Vicious Hunger
Rupture Agent of Shauku
Bog Glider Death Charmer
Greel, Mind Raker Soul Strings
Barbed Field Keldon Berserker
Scoria Cat  

Mattias: He first picked a tremor and tried to stay in red, but was heavily shut out by the two red players to his left. Decidilng that green was the best way to go, with the two other green payers round the other side of the table, was definitely the right decision. His deck went from looking appalling to being reasonably good when 2 Blastoderms were thrown at him.

Booster 1:  
2 Forest Horned Troll
6 Mountain 2 Invigorate
Spidersilk Armor Vine Trellis
Laccolith Grunt 2 Blastoderm
2 Seal of Strength 2 Treetop Bracers
Woodripper Fault Riders
Panic Attack Zerapa Minotaur
Pygmy Razorback 2 Rib Cage Spider
Spitting Spider Thresher Beast

Niels: He got some great picks at the beginning of the draft- a Blessing, Sergeant, Nightwond Glider, Skycaptain, Lieutenant and Slaver! His nemesis was almost as good - Belbes Armour , Falcon, Battlefield Percher and Massacre! There were only 2 and a half white players in the draft and all the good cards landed here. In fact - he built such a good deck that he defensively drafted a Spiketail Drake first pick in the penultimate booster.

Booster 1:  
9 Plains Cho-Manno's Blessing
8 Swamp Disenchant
Nightwind Glider Ramosian Lieutenant
Ramosian Sergeant Ramosian Sky Marshal
Cateran Slaver Highway Robber
Skulking Fugitive Belbe's Armor
Battlefield Percher Carrion Wall
Massacre Rathi Intimidator
Angelic Favor Defiant Falcon
2 Agent of Shauku 2 Mageta's Boon
2 Soul Charmer 1 Trenching Steed

Sigurd: In the first booster Neils took a Highway Robber so Sigurd left him the Skulking Fugitive and took a Stone Rain and a Ceremonial Guard, even though they are very bad picks. Later on in the draft Neils did not return the favour with that Spiketail Drake. The next booster saw a Thwart, then a Panacea, Outrigger, Wild Jhovall and a Drake Hatchling, so his colours were farily decided. The next two boosters gave him 2 Thunderclaps, and his first pick Ancient Hydra was another bomb in what became a powerful deck. There were four red players n the table, but the lack of blue players allowed him to get a good pick of either one or the other in the Prophecy sets. Sigurd should do well with this one.

Booster 1:  
8 Island Panacea
9 Mountains Drake Hatchling
Saprazzan Outrigger Thwart
Ceremonial Guard -
ok, all decks have a comedy card
2 Thunderclap
Wild Jhovall Flowstone Crusher
Flowstone Strike 2 Seal of Fire
Rootwater Thief Wandering Eye
Barbed Field Hollow Warrior
Devastate Fault Rider
Alexi's Cloak 2 Coastal Hornclaw
Spiketail Hatchling  

- Written by Ben Ronaldson.

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