Grand Prix Copenhagen 2000 - Day 2 1st draft and round 8

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By Wizards of the Coast

Draft table 4: Mike Wall, Felix Schneiders, Bram Snepvangers, Thomas F. Gundersen, Matt Henstra, Scott Wills, Peter Myrvig, Bjorn Jocumsen.

Draft table 8: Steven OMS, Jim Herold, Richard Soderberg, Bob Maher, Ralph Ristedt, Brian Hacker, Nicolai Herzog, Lars Dam.

Draft table 7: Johan Assen, Eckhard Maass, Bjoern Walter, Goeran Lindberg, Palle BK Poulsen, Rouwen Korzetz, Fabio Reinhardt, Norman Gagg.

Noah Boeken (Netherlands)

Raphael Levy (France)

Gunnar Refsdal (Germany)

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