Grand Prix Copenhagen 2000 - Final table draft report

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By Wizards of the Coast


  1. Gunnar Refsdal
  2. Tom Van der Logt
  3. Peter Gysemans
  4. Gottlieb Yeh
  5. Noah Boeken
  6. Franck Canu
  7. Niels Sanders Jensen
  8. Daniel O'Mahoney Schwartz

During this draft I followed Dan and Niels.

The first boosters:


Booster 1:  
Gunnar Stinging Barrier
Tom Snorting Ghar
Peter Ramosian Captain
Gottlieb Tidal Kraken
Noah Cho-Mano's Blessing
Franck Lightning Hounds
Niels Horned Troll
Dan Pious Warrior
Dan2 Alley Grifters
Niels2 Thwart

The rest was dribble. Niels' Horned Troll pick was an understandable choice as the only other green card was the other side of the table. Dan skipped the thwart because he had a first pick Barrier to his right, and both the Grifter and Warrior are playable. Thwart was looking much better in Niels' position.

The second booster saw a bunch of green spells, which is bad for Niels, who takes a Deepwood Drummer nevertheless. Dan takes a Hired Giant and a Battle Rampart.

In the third booster Canu decides to push green, so Niels takes a Wild Jhovall, stiffing Dan, who ends up with a Task Force.

In the fourth Canu again forces the green, so Niels again takes a Kris Mage, so Dan takes a Devout Witness. Dan does not have a great set of cards at this point.

Niels, seemingly leaving green behind, takes a Drake Hatchling next, and DOMS swipes a Lieutenant.

The sixth booster decides Dan's second colour - he chooses Snuff Out over Bargaining and Story Circle ( Canu having just opened his 783921 Power card of the day in the form of Volcanic Winds!). Niels takes Drake no.2, but feels uncomfortable knowing that Franck pushed him out of green and is now going to push red too! At least he will have the Nemesis red.

The intimate relationship between Dan and Niels was exposed when the Dane took a first pick Drating Merfolk and passed a Monkey Cage to OMS in booster no.7. Wtf?

The last booster of the set saw Dan breaking open a Kyren Negotiations, and taking a Delraich. So, 1 set through and Dan looks like white/black, and Niels probably red/blue.

The table is starting to take form:


    Gottlieb: R/U    
  Peter: U/W   Noah: B/W  
Tom: B/G       Franck: B/R/G?
  Gunnar: G/U   Niels: U/R  
    Dan: W/B    

Note: Dan is the only drafter not blocked either side.

Nemesis picks 

Niels: Flowstone Crusher Dan: Battlefield Percher
  Arc Mage   Spitefull Bully
  Mogg Salvage   Belbe's Percher
  Flowstone Crusher   Plague Witch
  Flowstone Crusher   Seal of Fire (defensive)
  Seal of Fire (above Titan?)   Belbe's Percher
  Submerge   Lin Sivvi (3rd pick)
  Flowstone Thopter   Lawbringer

Prophecy picks

Niels Alexi's Cloak Dan Mine Bearer
  Stormwatch Eagle   Bog Glider & Despoil
he thought it was a Fault Rider, so took it over Rethink!
  Soul Charmer
  Withdraw & Ridgeline Racer   Soul Strings
  Fault Rider
he thought he was rare drafting an Efreet
  Noxious Field and Bog Glider
  Barbed Field   Steal Strength
  Lightbringer   Chimeric Idol
  Minatour & 1/4 Spider   Mageta's Boon

There were not many really broken cards here, just a solid set of Prophecy.

Did I forget to mention that Canu opened up an Avatar of Fury?

Niels Dan
8 Islands 8 Plains
10 Mountains 9 Swamps
Darting Merfolk Monkey Cage
2 Drake Hatchling Devout Witness
Thwart Pious Warrior
Trade Routes Ramosian Lieutenant
Kris Mage Task Force
Wild Jhovall Alley Grifters
Barbed Field Delraich
Fault Riders Misshapen Fiend
Rhystic Lightning Snuff Out
Zerapa Minotaur Battlefield Percher
Stormwatch Eagle 2 Belbe's Percher
Flowstone Thopter Plague Witch
Rootwater Commando Lawbringer
Submerge Lin Sivvi
Arc Mage Chimeric Idol
3 Flowstone Crusher Noxious Field
Flowstone Wall Soul Strings
Seal of Fire Steal Strength
  Mageta's Boon
  Mine Bearer
  Rhystic Shield
  Soul Charmer

- Written by Ben Ronaldson.

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