Grand Prix Copenhagen 2000 - Quarter-Final Noah Boeken vs. Gunnar Refsdal

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By Wizards of the Coast

Noah has drafted a reasonable White-Black deck. It's highlights include a pair of Defender en-Vecs, a Trouble Healer, a Jhovall Queen and a few white combat tricks like Cho-Manno's Blessing and Mageta's Boon.

Gunnar is playing Blue-Green. He has little in the way of fat as his biggest creatures are mostly 3/3s in the shape of Silt Crawlers and a Chimeric Idol. He has a couple of Rethinks and some evasion and an Ensnare as a great finisher. All in all a pretty balanced deck.

The match starts off pretty tense with some idle trash-talking exchanged between this pair of players.

Noah won the toss but both players get off to quick starts as Noah's second turn Steadfast Guard is exchanged with Gunnar's Cloudskate when it attacks. Noah follows up with a Lieutenant but has only a Lightbringer as the remaining Rebel in his deck and he searches this out during his next turn. Gunnar meanwhile attempts to stabilise the ground with a Silt Crawler as he's still searching for a fourth land he needs to cast many of the spells in his hand. Noah continues to develop with a Defender en-Vec and a Spiteful Bully. When the Bully attacks a Mageta's Boon from Noah allows it to take down the blocking Silt Crawler despite a freshly cast Spidersilk Armor on Gunnar's side. A couple of turns later Gunar is able to take down the Bully with a Chimeric Idol + Invigorate combo and the Idol stalls the ground for a while whilst Noah draws little of use. Gunnar plays a Rootwater Thief which Noah Counters with Story Circle set to Blue. On turn ten Gunnar is still looking at three lands but the ground seems stabilised by the Idol and so he elects to use his Reverant Silence to take out Noah's Story Circle so he can start removing some cards with his Thief. Unfortunately this takes out his Spidersilk Armor too and leaves his ground force (the Idol and a recently cast Herbalist) a little more vulnerable. Noah is finally able to draw into a Chieftain en-Dal and a second Defender en-Vec and start attacking. Despite Gunnar removing several key spells from Noah's deck - Jhovall Queen, Divining Griffin, Cho-Manno's Blessing and Troubled Healer had all been removed - Noah had some great top-decks pulling Vicious Hunger and Topple off the top of his deck in consecutive turns. With this removal he was finally able to force through enough damage and take the first game. At the end of the game Gunnar was still sitting with only three lands in play having drawn 23 cards over the course of the games.

Gunar is the aggressor in game two with a third turn Silt Crawler that gets enchanted with Treetop Bracers and then attacks on turn four. Noah had a Ramosian Lieutenant and Wall of Vipers and starts thinning his deck of Rebels in an effort to find an answer to the Crawler. On Gunnar's sixth turn with the Crawler already having dealt eight damage Noah enchants it with Cho-Manno's Blessing during Gunnar's attack, giving it Protection from gren and causing the Bracers to fall off. Noah is then able to rade it for the Wall of Vipers and permanently get rid of the annoying beast. Gunnar has a Cloudskate and Chimeric Idol to follow up but a sixth turn Jhovall Queen from Noah halts any attacks the Idol might've made. Gunnar then drops a Cloudskate and a Coiling Woodworm whilst Noah attacks a couple of times with the Queen. With Gunnar having four Forests in play Noah is able to Topple the Cooiling Woodworm and also use a top-decked Seal of Cleansing to take care of the Idol and thus attack with all his creatures for nine damage taking Gunnar to seven. With only a Deepwood Drummer joining Gunnar's side over the following two turns he's uable to deal with the Jhovall Queen and Noah wins the second game and the match.

Noah Boeken wins 2-0

- Written by Scott Wills

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