Grand Prix Copenhagen 2000 - Semi Final Niels Jensen vs Noah Boeken

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By Wizards of the Coast

Game 1
Naoh Boeken mulligans and is immediately under pressure from a turns 3 Drake Hatchling, noah summons a Diving Griffen, a turn 4 Zarata Minotaur keeps te pressure up and the next turn Nielsen plays another Hatchling. The next turn the Minotaur is blocked by a spiteful bully which was searched for by a Brute but a Flowstone Crusher takes its place. Noah is still at 4 land and casts a Story Circle blue followed by a Defender en Vec the next turn, he is still at 4 land however and needs to cast more than 1 spell a turn, he also needs a second swamp. Nielsen attacks with the Hatchling but play is stopped as he has a nosebleed, a few minutes later he returns and is greeted by a Cho Mannos Blessing for on a Diving Griffen, Nielsen topdecks a Seal of Fire though and deals with it immediately and next turn Rhystic Lightnings for the win.

Game 2
Noah plays first but doesn't summon anything, Nielsen makes a Kris Mage which soon stops attacking when a Lightbringer hits the table. Nielsen now continues the offense by casting a Hatchling but once again noah has the Story Circle and tells tales of blue things that don't do damage. Both players summon creatures and none is making any headway, Nielsen manages to get some damage in after withdrawing a Johval Queen and another random creature and then serving for 8. Noahs Defender en Vec is then thwarted to try and gain some momentum and continue attacking. Naoh chumps with the Lightbringer to buy some time and resummons the Queen which makes it down safely but must immediately block the Flowstone Crusher and they both kill each other. Nielsen plays a trade routes and begins to use it to search for another threat. Noah then makes an incredible play - he has a soul string but if he makes his opponent tap out he will not be able to Story Circle the Hatchling if Nielsen has removal spell, so he attacks with the Diving Griffen which Nielsen blocks with the Hatchling and taps a mana to kill it - this give Noah the opportunity he's been looking for as he can keep a white mana open to shield himself and gets 2 defenders back from his graveyard - this is key as Nielsen may deck himself as he has cycled so many lands from trade routes. Nielsen eventually finds a threat with a Barbed Field and after Naoh puts the defender effect on the stack and shields himself, Nielsen pings him for one with the field and after Noah removes the last counter from the defender to try and stay alive, Nielsen finishes him off with the Kris Mage.

- Written by Tony Dobson

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