Grand Prix Copenhagen 2000 - Spotlight On: Marc Facchini

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By Wizards of the Coast

Head Judge Thomas Bisballe (L4, Denmark) approached me during a lull in round five. "Have you spoken to our youngest competitor?" he wanted to know. He pointed across the room to an eleven-year-old boy who was sitting on the stadium bleachers next to possibly the most beautiful blonde to grace a Magic tournament. I think she was his mother.

Since I don't speak Danish, I enlisted the help of Danish Level 3 (and well-known Internet presence) Michael Kastberg. Kastberg talked to Marc for a while and came back to deliver the interview answers to me.

Marc's father is originally from Italy, and learned the game while he was there. Around one and a half years ago, he decided to teach Magic to his son, so they could play together. The two build decks together for the tournaments, and frequently attend the Saturday events at Mekka, the Copenhagen gaming center. Marc, in turn, teaches his friends to play the game.

Marc's claim to fame is his amazing performance in the Nyk bing Falster Regionals in Denmark. He finished the swiss rounds at first place of forty players with a burn deck that was weeks ahead of its time. He didn't go on to qualify for Danish Nationals this year, but he did qualify last year and hopes to go on to qualify again next year.

Although he played burn in Regionals, Marc says that his favorite type of deck is combo. He claims to have more fun playing versus Pro Tour players than his friends, namely because his friends don't understand the combo decks he plays against them. Thanks to his playing relationship with his father and his regular status at Mekka (where he is greeted and accepted as one of the older crowd), Marc has a higher level of rules knowledge than most players his age. No doubt this contributes to both his good performance as a player and his sharp knowledge of the theory and the engines that drive the combo decks.

Marc had a bit of a downturn in this tournament, leaving the event after the third round with three losses. Michael asked him how he felt about that, and Marc insisted that he was still having fun at the Grand Prix. He just got a bad deck with some subpar creatures, he explained. At the time of this interview, his father was still playing in the event, apparently doing quite well for himself while his son rooted for him from the sidelines. Marc looks forward to more fun at the next Grand Prix or Pro Tour event in Denmark.

Marc had only one criticism about Grand Prix Copenhagen, and that was time. Registration started at 8am, but the tournament didn't start until many hours later. Being young sometimes has its disadvantages, since time seems to pass more slowly, and no doubt it was an eternity between getting there and getting to play. Nevertheless, after a long day of waiting and playing and waiting some more, Marc was cheery and had several smiles for the interviewer. We wish him good luck in his next event.

- Cathy Nicoloff and Michael Kastberg

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