Grand Prix

Grand Prix - Hong Kong Trials

Posted in Feature on January 5, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

China10-Jan-04Beijing 1Beijing Saibo Diannao
China10-Jan-04Guangzhou1Guangzhou Chuangmenjie
China10-Jan-04Shanghai1Shanghai Huangpu Children's
China31-Jan-04Shenzhen1Shenzhen Pinzang Coffee
China31-Jan-04Tianjin1Tianjin Saobo Shuoma
China07-Feb-04Beijing 1Beijing Saibo Diannao
China07-Feb-04Chongqing1Chongqing Saibo Diannao
China07-Feb-04Fuzhou1Fuzhou Science and Technology
China07-Feb-04Guangzhou1Guangzhou Chuangmenjie
China07-Feb-04Shanghai1Shanghai Huangpu Children's
China07-Feb-04Shenyang1Liaoning Renbao Mansion
China14-Feb-04Beijing 1Beijing Saibo Diannao
China14-Feb-04Guangzhou1Guangzhou Chuangmenjie
China14-Feb-04Shanghai1Shanghai Huangpu Children's
Hong Kong04-Jan-04Hong Kong1Toyland
Hong Kong18-Jan-04Hong Kong1202
Hong Kong08-Feb-04Hong Kong1League
Hong Kong15-Feb-04Hong Kong1American
Hong Kong22-Feb-04Hong Kong1Hobby
Hong Kong05-Mar-04Hong Kong1Grand Prix Hong
Macau11-Jan-04Macau1Lee Heng Stationary Toys
Malaysia08-Feb-04Ipoh1Jalan Medan Ipoh
Malaysia08-Feb-04Kota Kinabalu1Damai Plaza Phase
Malaysia08-Feb-04Kuala Lumpur1Petaling
Malaysia22-Feb-04Ipoh1Jalan Medan Ipoh
Malaysia22-Feb-04Kota Kinabalu1Damai Plaza Phase
Malaysia22-Feb-04Kuala Lumpur1Petaling
Philippines11-Jan-04Makati City1Jupiter
Philippines15-Feb-04Makati City1Glorietta
Philippines28-Feb-04Quezon City1Robinsons
South Korea11-Jan-04Busan1Yang Jung Youth Training
South Korea08-Feb-04Seoul1Dobong Public
Taiwan03-Jan-04Tainan1Cartoon Magic
Taiwan07-Feb-04Hsin Choo1Yu Li Zi Card
Taiwan08-Feb-04Tainan1Cartoon Magic
Taiwan15-Feb-04Taichung1Saga Card

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