Grand Prix-Kuala Lumpur
Quartefinals Recap

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By Wizards of the Coast

Tsutomu Yamada vs. Ryan Soh

This quarterfinal match was best two out of three with no time limit.

This match featured Japanese played Tsutomu Yamada against Malaysian player Ryan Soh. Yamada plays for Team Muneo, based in Osaka, Japan. Soh plays for the team sponsored by The Games Castle; he is part of a small faction within The Games Castle called Team Turbo Man. Yamada has been to three Pro Tours and Soh has been to one Pro Tour (PT Chicago).

Game One

Soh started out by developing his mana base. He played a Mana Vault on turn one and turn two consecutively. Soh was holding Illusions of Grandeur and Donate from the start of the game but was reluctant to play them in case Yamada had counterspells. Finally Soh played Illusions of Grandeur and Yamada played Counterspell. Soh briely considered discarding his Donate to Force of Will the Counterspell, but decided against it. The next turn Yamada played Seal of Removal, which Soh promptly responded to with Force of Will. Yamada then played Acidic Sliver.

Next turn, Soh played Demonic Consultation for a Duress, finding one 10 cards down (there was also one in the top six cards). He played Duress and Yamada consulted for a Force of Will to counter the Duress.

Yamada then built up his creatures with Crystalline Sliver and Muscle Sliver, attacking every turn. Soh came back with a Duress and Mana Vault. After finding nothing dangerous in Yamada's hand, he played Illusions and Grandeur and Donate. Yamada paid the update for a couple of turns then conceeded.

Result - Soh 1, Yamada 0


Soh added Boomerang and 2 Unmask, while removing a Contagion and 2 Demonic Consultation. Yamada sideboarded out Swords to Plowshares, 2 Winged Slivers, 3 Acidic Slivers and 2 Seal of Removal. He added 2 Erase, 3 Annul, 1 Misdirection and 2 Victual Slivers.

Game Two

Soh started with a first turn Duress, taking Demonic Consultation from Yamada. He left him with Swords to Plowshares and 2 Slivers. Next turn, Yamada drew a Demonic Consultation and decided to play his Victual Sliver. Soh decided to Force of Will the Victual Sliver, discarding an Illusions of Grandeur to pay the alternate casting cost. Yamada played his Demonic Consultation to find his own Force of Will, but removed all three of this Annuls in the process.

Soh then drew a Demonic Consultation and played it, finding a playing a Necropotence (he found it in his 7th cards, which continued his streak of very successful Demonic Consultations throughout the weekend). Soh then Necroed and found an Illusions of Grandeur and a Duress, among other cards.

Soh played his Duress next turn, taking the Swords to Plowshares from Yamada, leaving him with just land. Soh played Illusions of Grandeur, knowing he was safe and Necroed for 14, leaving him at 9. With 2 Donate and 2 Force of Will in his hand, he Donated the Illusions of Grandeur to Yamada. Soh then finished Yamada off by playing Boomerang on the Illusions of Grandeur.

Result - Soh 2, Yamada 0

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