Grand Prix Kyoto Artist: Carl Critchlow

Posted in Feature on March 5, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Carl's Cards
Card NameCard Set
Death MutationApocalypse
Phyrexian GargantuaApocalypse
Minotaur TacticianApocalypse
Orim’s ThunderApocalypse
Gerrard’s VerdictApocalypse
Clockwork BeastBeatdown
Packaging #2Sixth Edition
Tower DrakeInvasion
Shimmering WingsInvasion
Breaking WaveInvasion
Fertile GroundInvasion
Rith, the AwakenerInvasion
Tsabo’s WebInvasion
Dromar’s AttendantInvasion
Harsh JudgmentInvasion
Balthor the DefiledJudgment
Sutured GhoulJudgment
Funeral PyreJudgment
Phantom CentaurJudgment
Feral ThrowbackLegions
Kilnmouth DragonLegions
Drinker of SorrowLegions
Krosan VorineLegions
Scent of CinderDuelist Promo Card
Blockade RunnerMercadian Masques
Cateran PersuaderMercadian Masques
Kyren SniperMercadian Masques
Cateran SlaverMercadian Masques
Haunted CrossroadsMercadian Masques
FosterMercadian Masques
RenounceMercadian Masques
Cateran KidnappersMercadian Masques
Boa ConstrictorMercadian Masques
Snake PitMercadian Masques
Monkey CageMercadian Masques
High MarketMercadian Masques
Bog ImpSeventh Edition
Raise DeadSeventh Edition
Razortooth RatsSeventh Edition
Gorilla ChieftainSeventh Edition
Spined WurmSeventh Edition
Northern PaladinSeventh Edition
Wall of WonderSeventh Edition
Crimson HellkiteSeventh Edition
NightmareSeventh Edition
Kjeldoran Royal GuardSeventh Edition
Goblin SettlerStarter 1999 Edition
SquallStarter 1999 Edition
Pride of LionsStarter 1999 Edition
Royal FalconStarter 1999 Edition
Skyshroud RidgebackNemesis
Saproling BurstNemesis
Parallax TideNemesis
Tireless TribeOdyssey
Call of the HerdOdyssey
Ray of DistortionOdyssey
Innocent BloodOdyssey
Squirrel MobOdyssey
Treetop SentinelOdyssey
Daunting DefenderOnslaught
Chain of VaporOnslaught
Grand ColiseumOnslaught
Silvos, Rogue ElementalOnslaught
Lay WasteOnslaught
Choking TethersOnslaught
Nantuko HuskOnslaught
Barbed FieldProphecy
Wild MightProphecy
Squirrel WranglerProphecy
Soul ScourgeTorment
Flash of DefianceTorment
Ravenous RatsUrza’s Destiny
Trumpet BlastUrza’s Destiny
MomentumUrza’s Destiny
Phyrexian MonitorUrza’s Destiny
Defender of LawUrza’s Legacy
Expendable TroopsUrza’s Legacy
Treacherous LinkUrza’s Legacy
Defender of ChaosUrza’s Legacy
ExhumeUrza’s Saga
WildfireUrza’s Saga
Bog RaidersUrza’s Saga
Vile RequiemUrza’s Saga
Drifting DjinnUrza’s Saga
Unworthy DeadUrza’s Saga
Eastern PaladinUrza’s Saga
Western PaladinUrza’s Saga
Discordant DirgeUrza’s Saga
No Rest for the WickedUrza’s Saga
Goblin OffensiveUrza’s Saga

Carl Critchlow is a child of the 60s from the United Kingdom. He has a long history of illustrating in the comics industry. He wrote and drew the monthly Thrud the Barbarian comic strip for Games Workshop's White Dwarf Magazine; painted comic strips and covers for Fleetway Publications 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Megazine including the Son of Mean Machine. He worked on the Batman/Judge Dredd graphic novel The Ultimate Riddle for DC/Fleetway; and was a penciller for the Lobo monthly comic, did pencils for the Batman/Scarecrow 3D, and was a regular cover illustrator for the Batman monthly comic Shadow of the Bat, all for DC Comics. Carl has done illustration for Games Workshop, Pygnosis, Ocean Software, Marvel UK and Mayfair Games as well as the Joker trading cards for the Fleer/Skybox Batman Master Series. His association with Wizards of the Coast began in 1997 with the Weatherlight expansion for Magic: The Gathering and his work has been in every expansion since that time. He has done packaging illustrations for Magic, illustrations for Duelist, Dragon and Dungeon magazines and the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual. In 1999, Carl won Third Prize in the International Fantasy Painting Competition organized by The Alexander Gallery, New York. You can find him on the web at

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