Grand Prix-Manila 1999
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By Wizards of the Coast

DJ Paculio, Jacky Yang, Mike Donais and Adrian Teh discuss Grand Prix-Manila floorplan.

Mike Donais discusses Grand Prix floorplan with staff.

Taking a break for lunch are (From Left) Jacky Yang - Judge from Taiwan, Taiwan competitor, Adrian Teh - scorekeeper for Grand Prix-Manila, Taiwan player, Mike Donais - head judge for GP-Manila and Dean Alfar, Marketing Director for Novelty Entertainment.

Mike Donais and Adrian Teh set up equipment for Grand Prix-Manila.

Judges and Marshalls for Grand Prix-Manila prep decks for Day one.

Banner welcomes Grand Prix-Manila competitors.

Mike Donais - judge by day, laborer by night.

Novelty Retail Booth - early stages.

Judges and Marshalls gather round to listen to instruction from Adrian and Mike.

DJ Paculio, Grand Prix-Manila coordinator.

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