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Grand Prix - New Jersey

Posted in Feature on April 23, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

The Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix tournament series is an international circuit of large-scale Qualifier tournaments featuring cash prizes and multiple invitations to Pro Tour events.

The format for Grand Prix-New Jersey is Odyssey Block Team Limited (Sealed Deck) with day 2 Team Rochester Draft.. All DCI Team-format rules, Magic Floor Rules, and all subsequent updates will be enforced.

Friday, June 28: Registration from 7:00-10:00 P.M.
Saturday, June 29: Registration from 8:00-10:00 A.M.
Tournament begins at 10:00 A.M. The Top 20 teams advance to competition on Sunday
Sunday, June 30: The Top 20 teams begin play at 8:30 A.M.

Crown Plaza Meadowlands
2 Harmon Plaza
Secaucus, NJ 07094

Call the Crown Plaza Meadowlands at (201)-348-6900 for $109 per night room rate.

$25 per player - Advance Registration
$30 per player - On Site

For advance registration, contact Gray Matter Conventions at (800)-852-2442 (in New York, please call (212)-633-6320). Advance registration will be available until 5:00 P.M. on Wednesday, June 26, 2002. For complete Grand Prix-New Jersey information, including times, hotel information, side events, etc, please visit


The main tournament at Grand Prix-New Jersey is open to 3-person teams consisting of Magic players of all ages.

In the event that a player who wins an invitation to a Pro Tour stop at a Grand Prix has already qualified for an invitation, the invitation shall be extended to the next-best finisher in that Grand Prix. Previous qualification may be through a Qualifier tournament, through performance at a professional tournament, or by being an invited DCI player (valid upon the date of the official rank announcement for the appropriate professional tournament).

  • Tournament Structure
    The structure for Grand Prix-New Jersey will be modified Swiss-style (50-minute rounds), with the Top 20 teams advancing to the second day of competition for prizes and invitations. The top 4 previously uninvited Teams will receive invitations to Pro Tour-Boston.

  • Head Judge
    The Head Judge for Grand Prix-New Jersey will be determined at a later date.

  • Tournament Divisions and Prizes
    Grand Prix-New Jersey will feature the standard "main tournament" prize schedule as well as a special "Amateur" prize schedule. The Amateur prizes will be paid to the highest-finishing amateur players in addition to any winnings those players receive from the main tournament prize schedule. All prizes are in U.S. Dollars.

    Main Tournament Prize Schedule
    Total: $20,000
    Amateur Division Prize Schedule
    Total: $5,000
  • Amateur Status
    A team is considered to have amateur status if all the members of that team have 0 lifetime pro points. If any player on a team has ever been awarded pro points from a Grand Prix, Pro Tour, or World Championship event, that team no longer has amateur status, and the player may not participate in the Amateur Championship or Junior Super Series tournaments, and the player and team are not eligible for amateur awards at Grand Prix or other tournaments.

  • Tournament Byes (Byes are not cumulative throughout the season or year)
    Byes will be given to players in the Grand Prix based on the following criteria:

    Second-Round Byes

    • Teams with 60 or more professional points in the Osaka 2002 professional standing.
    • Teams with a Team Limited Rating of 1700 or higher. Byes do not pass down under any circumstances. Byes are based on DCI Team Limited ratings published on March 20, 2002.
    • Winners of Grand Prix-New Jersey Trial Tournaments

    First-Round Byes

    • Teams with 20 or more professional points in the Osaka 2002 professional standing.
    • Teams with a Team Limited Rating of 1650 or higher. Byes do not pass down under any circumstances. Byes are based on DCI Team Limited ratings published on March 20, 2002.

Friday, June 28, 2002
6:00 P.M. (Registration starts at 5:00 P.M.)
Cost: $20.00 per player
Format: Team Limited
Location: Crown Plaza Meadowlands Hotel, 2 Harmon Plaza, Secaucus, NJ
Prizes: Top 2 Teams each receive a Second-Round bye at the Grand Prix, Product Prizes

Other Grand Prix-New Jersey Trials will be run throughout North America in the weeks leading up to the Grand Prix. Each offers at least 1 Second-Round bye to Grand Prix-New Jersey. A complete schedule can be found at

A complete Grand Prix-New Jersey side event schedule can be found at

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