Grand Prix Okayama Artist: Arnie Swekel

Posted in Feature on November 24, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Arnie's Cards
Card NameCard Set
ConcentrateEighth Edition (Core Set)
DehydrationEighth Edition (Core Set)
FlightEighth Edition (Core Set)
Fallen AngelSeventh Edition
FogSeventh Edition
Goblin RaiderSeventh Edition
Hollow DogsSeventh Edition
Clockwork BeetleMirrodin
Clockwork CondorMirrodin
Clockwork DragonMirrodin
Clockwork VorracMirrodin
Grid MonitorMirrodin
Rust ElementalMirrodin
Rustspore RamMirrodin
Soul FoundryMirrodin
Goblin BrigandScourge
Krosan DroverScourge
Unspeakable SymbolScourge
Wipe CleanScourge
Berserk MurlodontLegions
Riptide ManglerLegions
Blistering FirecatOnslaught
Ravenous BalothOnslaught
Riptide ShapshifterOnslaught
Towering BalothOnslaught
Anurid BrushhopperJudgment
Dwarven BloodboilerJudgment
Phantom NishobaJudgment
Stitch TogetherJudgment
Hydromorph GullTorment
Shambling SwarmTorment
Haunting EchoesOdyssey
Pulsating IllusionOdyssey
Springing TigerOdyssey
Sylvan MightOdyssey
Thought NibblerOdyssey
Haunted AngelApocalypse
Raka DiscipleApocalypse
Caldera KavuPlaneshift
Mirrorwood TreefolkPlaneshift
Dralnu's CrusadePlaneshift
Armored GuardianInvasion
Bend or BreakInvasion
Crosis's AttendantInvasion
Distorting WakeInvasion
Explosive GrowthInvasion
Lightning DartInvasion
Metathran ZombieInvasion
Raging KavuInvasion
Yawgmoth's AgendaInvasion
Coffin PuppetsProphecy
Dual NatureProphecy
Silt CrawlerProphecy
Stronghold ZepplinNemesis
Laccolith GruntNemesis
Crenellated WallMercadian Masques
Giant CaterpillarMercadian Masques
HoodwinkMercadian Masques
Kyren ToyMercadian Masques

Since 1990 Arnie's work has appeared in a variety of venues for many different role-playing and computer game companies. His 11-year affiliation with Dungeons and Dragons alone has been on covers, posters, maps and interior illustrations. Currently his art can be seen in every D&D rule book to be published since the 3rd edition players hand book, and on the cover of Dragon Magazine.

Since 1998 his career has expanded to include conceptual illustrations for many different games at a design level. His toy creations have been produced and can be found in almost any major hobby or toy store. The work in "Magic" began in the Mercadian Masks set and he has been contributing with concepts and cards in each set since. He now works full time at Raven Software as a 2d, 3d and conceptual artist on Quake 4.

He lives in Wisconsin with his wife, two children and two cats. Some of his hobbies and interests include, gaming (role-playing, cards and computer), Archeology, movies, martial arts and story telling.

"Being involved in such a wonderful career and working with some of the most creative and imaginative people on the planet makes me one of the most fortunate people on earth."

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