Grand PrixGrand Prix - Pittsburgh Trial Schedule

Posted in Feature on April 17, 2003

By Updated 5/28/2003

PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124644/12/2003Jason VogtCharlotteWhat's a doughnut?August Dwight
PRO What's a doughnut?Joseph Kinnaney
PRO What's a doughnut?John D Eshleman I
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124654/12/2003Jeff WilliamsClermontelven folkJohn Lagges
PRO elven folkBilly Postlethwait
PRO elven folkGeorge Flete
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124724/12/2003Michael GuptilDetroitRiw Mark D Herberholz
PRO Riw Kevin D Sherman
PRO Riw Gabe R Walls
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #125084/12/2003Karl BatdorffLas VegasCmjChris Higashi
PRO CmjJeremy St.Clair
PRO CmjMalik Ismail
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124704/12/2003Mauro BongiovanniMontrealPhoque Foundation Jean Charles Salvin
PRO Phoque Foundation Pasquale Ruggiero
PRO Phoque Foundation Jairo Liquidano
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124594/12/2003Conan BlackwellSF Bay AreaTeam GTOAllen Sun
PRO Team GTOPhuong K Tran
PRO Team GTOTyler J Tucker
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124564/12/2003Barratt MoySt. LouisPiggly WigglyValentin Moskovich
PRO Piggly WigglyJohn Eardley
PRO Piggly WigglyTony Goodson
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124684/13/2003Laurel ChiatRockvilleJews Full Allan Shuldiner
PRO Jews Full Justin Polin
PRO Jews Full Justin Bonomo
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #125414/19/2003Alex ShvartsmanBrooklynRandom Eggroll Beatingz Joel Lim
PRO Random Eggroll Beatingz Harry Ryttenberg
PRO Random Eggroll Beatingz Ty Shah
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124674/19/2003Jym RescinitiKnoxvilleskillzKevin Adamowicz
PRO skillzMathew Garrison
PRO skillzNeal Phillils
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124604/19/2003Dan GrayLos AngelesSuperchuckers AJoe Lossett
PRO Superchuckers AZach Scales
PRO Superchuckers ABrian Kelly
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124574/19/2003Brennan MoodyLouisvilleGuildhouse Games Anthony Justice
PRO Guildhouse Games Jarod Burt
PRO Guildhouse Games Brian Fox
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124804/19/2003Steve PortMadisonThree Bags Full Matt Severa
PRO Three Bags Full Bob Allbright
PRO Three Bags Full Mike Hron
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124544/26/2003Anthony EdwardsAtlantaDemented Mustard Andrew Wolf
PRO Demented Mustard Randy Ellis
PRO Demented Mustard Brooks Rhodes
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #125314/26/2003Ken SomervilleBoisevandalsDavid Nadler
PRO vandalsDylan Linde
PRO vandalsKevin MacPhee
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124834/26/2003Victor AldridgeIndianapolisSaltineJason A Nye
PRO Saltineandrew s benanzer
PRO SaltineJames R Wheeler
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124754/26/2003Pete HoeflingRoanokeObviously Jared Dunn
PRO Obviously D.J Keesee Jr.
PRO Obviously Fernando Ponce
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124744/27/2003Mike RodieckLittle RockCabbage Patch KidsKevin Benefield
PRO Cabbage Patch KidsPaul Pakis
PRO Cabbage Patch KidsTony Macdonald
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124694/27/2003Marvin PaguiriganOshawaIraqi Freedom Duncan McGregor
PRO Iraqi Freedom Josh Rider
PRO Iraqi Freedom Nicholas Neary
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124624/27/2003Dorian AndersPhiladelphiaDdsScott Landis
PRO DdsDan Bridy
PRO DdsDerek Rollins
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124555/10/2003Barratt MoyChicagoJuice Bottle Gnome Michael Dove
PRO Juice Bottle Gnome Michael Bernat
PRO Juice Bottle Gnome Conrad Duncker
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #125075/10/2003Michael GuptilFairmontLoserPatrick Milam
PRO LoserRussel Morehouse
PRO LoserChad Reedy
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124585/10/2003Bruce JohnsonNew Yorkstalking tiger hidden shark Tony Tsai
PRO stalking tiger hidden shark Paul Jordan
PRO stalking tiger hidden shark Joshua Ravitz
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124635/24/2003Eric SmithColorado SpringsCharlie Brown flight school Kelly G Wichert
PRO Charlie Brown flight school Chase B. Keaten
PRO Charlie Brown flight school Patrick J Miller II
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124715/24/2003Michael GuptilColumbusSilly GooseAndrew Benanzer
PRO Silly GooseAdam Prosak
PRO Silly GooseJames Wheeler
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124825/24/2003Thomas SheaMilfordStrip ClubBrian Lynch
PRO Strip ClubWalter Egli
PRO Strip ClubMelissa DeTora
NOTPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124785/25/2003Robert DoughertyBoston
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124615/25/2003David HarbargerClevelandThe Fun PoliceJohn Hunka
PRO The Fun PoliceTimothy Aten
PRO The Fun PoliceMichael Aten
PROPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124775/25/2003Rich LipmanRochesterTeam JamMarcus Guy
PRO Team JamJoe Biasone
PRO Team JamAlex Artese
NOTPittsburgh Trials 03-04 #124765/25/2003Rachel HaimowitzSomerville

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