Grand Prix São Paulo Event Information

Posted in Feature on March 13, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast


Grand Prix São Paulo is brought to you by Let's Collect.

Date: May 30-June 1, 2014

Format: Theros Block Team Sealed Deck

Tournament Location

Clube Atlético Juventus
Rua Juventos, 700
São Paulo
Website: or (English version) Click here for map.

Entry into the Grand Prix event venue is free of charge.

Registration: Brazilian R$350 per team
Online registrations will be allowed until May 29 and on site registrations will be allowed exclusively on May 30.
There will be no on-site registration on Saturday.

Important Notice
The main tournament at Grand Prix São Paulo is open to all Magic players aged 12 and up. Players younger than 12 may not participate in tournaments at Grand Prix São Paulo.
Additionally, anyone 10 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while at the Grand Prix site.

Many Grand Prix offer additional services to participants, such as Sleep-In Specials and VIP packages. Sleep-In Specials allow players with byes to skip the player meeting on Saturday and arrive shortly before their first round begins. VIP packages provide various perks such as complimentary bottled water, special seating, and exclusive artist signings. Details of these services vary from event to event; please check the organizer's site for specifics.

Get your promo card by playing in the Grand Prix (while supplies last).

After two years, the Grand Prix circuit returns to São Paulo and not just in any year—this is 2014, which means "Fifa World Cup" for every single Brazilian.

Why exactly does this matter when it comes to Magic: The Gathering? Believe us, you will know that as soon as you get here! Keeping the awesome soccer spirit in Brazil, the event will be held at Clube Atlético Juventus, a very old a traditional soccer team/club.

This will also be the first time a Trio Limited Grand Prix is held in Latin America, a great opportunity none should pass up to literally play alongside his/her friends.

If you wish to upgrade your São Paulo experience, there will also be a VIP package, which includes the following benefits:

  • Special seating;
  • Exclusive artist signing;
  • Bottled beverage;
  • Preregistered decklist;
  • VIP exclusive side event (Chaos Draft);
  • Exclusive playmat.

VIP packages will cost R$550 per team (R$350 for regular registration + R$200) and can be ordered at the same link above.

The Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix tournament series is a great reason to step up your game, catch up with old friends, meet some new ones, and play Magic. Grand Prix tournaments are world-wide open events that allow all Magic players to participate and experience the thrill of a large-scale competition over three days. In addition to cash prizes, a high Planeswalker Points multiplier, and exclusive foil promo cards for participants, the Grand Prix features a host of other activities, including side events and artist signings. Side-event tournaments begin Friday, with the Grand Prix main event running Saturday and Sunday. Find out more about the Grand Prix tournament schedule here.

Tournament Format and Schedule

Place Prize Money Pro Points
1 $8,100 6
2 $5,400 5
3-4 $3,000 4
5-8 $2,025 3
9-12 $1,275 2
13-16 $1,125 1
17-20 $1,050 0
21-24 $900 0
25-36 $750* 0
37-51 $600* 0
*If Grand Prix attendance is 400-799 teams, prize money will be paid out to 36th place.
If attendance is 800 or more teams, prize money will be paid out to 51st place.
Top 2 teams also earn invitations and airfare to Pro Tour Magic 2015 in Portland (August 2014).
If Grand Prix attendance is 400 teams or more, Top 4 finishing teams earn invitations and airfare, and all teams with 36 or more match points who do not make Top 4 earn invitations.
All prizes displayed in U.S. Dollars. Prizes subject to change.

Format: Theros Block Team Sealed Deck
Participation Fee: Brazilian R$350 per team

Registration and Schedule

  • Online registration until May 29 at!inscrio/cayq
  • Friday, May 30: Registration on site from 8am till 8pm
  • Saturday, May 31: Grand Prix São Paulo begins at 9am
  • Sunday, June 1: Day Two begins at 9am

Registration to the Grand Prix main event closes Friday night. There will be no Saturday registration.

Important Notice
The main tournament at Grand Prix São Paulo is open to all Magic players aged 12 and up. Players younger than 12 may not participate in tournaments at Grand Prix São Paulo.
Additionally, anyone 10 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while at the Grand Prix site.

Players must have a signed waiver and consent form to compete at Grand Prix São Paulo. Forms can be downloaded here and will be available onsite. Minors must have a parent or guardian’s signature on these forms. Minors will not be able to register or play unless we receive a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. No exceptions.

Tournament Structure

Players should review the Magic Tournament Rules for the rules specific to Team Tournaments, paying particular attention to the following sections:

  • Section 7.7 – Booster Draft Procedure
  • Section 8.2 – Team Composition and Identification
  • Section 8.3 – Team Communication
Day 1: Team Sealed Deck (4 Theros boosters, 4 Born of the Gods boosters, 4 Journey into Nyx boosters)
  • 20 minutes for sealed deck pool registration and deck swap
  • 60 minutes for deck building
  • Decklists are required
  • Deck registration and deck swap will be performed for the Swiss Sealed Deck.
Day 2: Team Sealed Deck (4 Theros boosters, 4 Born of the Gods boosters, 4 Journey into Nyx boosters))
  • 60 minutes for deck building
  • Decklists are required
Top 4: Team Booster Draft (1 Journey into Nyx booster, 1 Born of the Gods booster, 1 Theros booster, drafted in that order)
  • Team members draft at the same draft table with one opposing team (6 total players per draft table). Each team member will be randomly seated between two opposing team members for the draft. No communication (verbal or non-verbal) is permitted between team members during the draft.
  • After the draft, team members will be located to separate tables to record their draft pools (15 minutes for draft pool registration and verification). After draft pool registration, team members will sit together for deck building (30 minutes for deck building).
  • After the semifinals, the Top 2 teams will draft again using the procedure described above.
  • Decklists are required
Tournament Structure
  • Modified Swiss-style rounds of 50 minutes each.
  • Day One will consist of a maximum of 9 Swiss rounds. Day Two will consist of 5 Swiss rounds and the Top 4 single-elimination playoff.
  • All teams with an X-2-0 or better record OR the top 40 teams—whichever number is greater—will advance to the second day of the event.
  • Each round, the team match is won by the team with the most individual match wins.
  • The Top 4 teams after the final Swiss round on Day 2 will advance to the playoff.
  • Top 4 playoff matches will be best 2 of 3 games per individual match, with no time limit. (Players are still expected to play at a normal pace and complete playoff matches in a reasonable amount of time.)
  • Each team member will be randomly paired against an opposing team member. Only 1 round will be played in the semi-finals and finals.
  • Where necessary, the standings after the Swiss rounds will still be used to determine final order in the standings.
  • For the first game of each match in the playoff, the players on the team that finished higher in the Swiss rounds chooses either to play first or to play second. For subsequent games in each Top 4 playoff match, the usual Play/Draw rule applies (loser of the previous games decide whether to play first in the next game).

The Head Judge of this event is Carlos Ho (Level 4). Judges interested in applying for this event should do so through the judge center.


Planeswalker Points multiplier 8x, Rules Enforcement Level (REL) is Competitive on Day One and Professional on Day Two.

The Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules and the Magic: The Gathering Infraction Procedure Guide are in effect for this event unless specifically overruled by information in this Format Document. Rules documents can be found in the Magic Document Center .

Players are responsible for bringing their own method of tracking life totals, card sleeves and appropriate counters or tokens.

In the event that a player who wins an invitation to a Pro Tour at a Grand Prix has already qualified for an invitation to that Pro Tour, the invitation does not pass down under any circumstances.

Grand Prix Training
Since there are no Trials for Team GPs, Grand Prix São Paulo 2014 has prepared a little surprise for you: GP Training.
This will be a special training for the GP, where every 8 teams that sign up will play a Limited Trio event, which off course is also a great training for the main event.

Time: On-demand tournaments beginning at 9am with a new tournament beginning whenever 8 teams register
Format: Team Limited, single-elimination
Cost: R$100 per trio
3-0: 36 boosters packs + VIP access
2-0: 18 booster packs
1-0: 9 booster packs

Side Events

Along with the main event, there are additional side-event tournaments to play in at a Grand Prix. Listed below are the side events offered at all Grand Prix on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Additional events and a full schedule can be found on the!prog/c1vts website. All side events (except casual events) will have a Planeswalker Points multiplier of 3x.

"Foiled Again"
A straight Swiss tournament lasting three or four rounds. Participants get 1 past promo card for playing, then one additional promo card per match win. Format varies by event.

Value Drafts
Enjoy a special discount on pick-up drafts on Saturday. Actual times and prices vary by event.

"Rebound" Event
Format at organizer's discretion. The winner(s) earn free entry into the "Super Sunday Series" (see below). Players who also played in the main Grand Prix tournament will get a discount for entry.

Super Sunday Series
Qualifier tournaments for the Super Sunday Series will be held at each Grand Prix. The Top 8 players in the Super Sunday Series qualifier will each be awarded a commemorative Grand Prix water bottle. The winner of the Super Sunday Series qualifier will earn an invitation and travel award for the Super Sunday Series Championship 2015, expected to be held in February 2015 in Seattle. The Super Sunday Series Championship experience also includes a tour of Wizards of the Coast, dinner with Wizards employees, and more.

Artist Information

Willian Murai
Willian Murai, a.k.a Will Murai, was born in a small town in southeastern Brazil. While studying graphic design in college, he had the opportunity to work as a comic book colorist for American publishers, which earned him experience both in a professional and artistic sense. After that, he decided to become an illustrator and, since then, he has been working in fields such as publishing, advertising, and Internet, having recently dedicated special attention to game development and fantasy art.

Jason Felix
Coming out of Wisconsin, after graduate in college, he managed to work as a freelance creating illustrations of vampires for White Wolf Games, which boosted his career into the graphic editorial business. Jason them moved to San Francisco hoping to achieve one of this dreams: work in the entertainment industry and have his name recognized over the whole world. Today, with his dream fulfilled, Jason gives online lectures and works on personal projects.

Travel Information

São Paulo has two major airports, Congonhas and Guarulhos.

Congonhas is more central, but doesn't receive many international flights, while Guarulhos is the main international airport. In both Guarulhos and Congonhas, travelers can get either buses or taxis which will take them to the central areas of São Paulo.

There are two official hotels for the event: Ibis Budget Paraíso and Ibis Budget Consolação. Let's Collect has also made a partnership with a hostel called The Connection, which is nearby a tube station and where guests can get 30% off room fees with the following code: Let's Collect Magic GP 2014.

Free transportation will be provided to the venue from Ibis Budget Paraíso.

Contact Information

Tournament Organizer: Let’s Collect, André Dembitzky
Phone Number: +55 11 96964 9136

Venue Information

Clube Atlético Juventus
Rua Juventos, 700
São Paulo
Website: or (English version) Click here for map.

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