Grand Prix-Seattle 2000
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By Wizards of the Coast


Kevin Dolbeare, level 2 judge from Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Brady Dommermuth, R&D Technical Writer and level 2 judge.

Lan Ho (from Texas) vs. Geddes Cooper (of JSS fame)

Geddes Cooper, top seed after day 1 at JSS Championships 1999

Bob Maher (PT-Chicago Champion) and Darwin Kastle (PT-Washington D.C. Champion)

Daniel OMS, PT-Washington D.C. third place team finisher

Finkeltron 2000

Ben Rubin (Worlds and PT finalist) vs. Peter Radjonic (1999 Canadian Champion)

Alan Comer, PT-Washington D.C. team winner.

William Jensen, GP-San Diego champion (aka Baby Huey)
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