Grand Prix-Seattle 2000
Photo Coverage - Finals

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By Wizards of the Coast


Bob Maher, pondering how to deal with opponent's Morphling

Jeremy Brower serving the beatdown

Bob Maher loses game two due to Morphling

Bob Maher vs. Jeremy Brower

Elaine Ferrao, Jeremy Brower and (standing) his girlfriend from Seattle.

Maher waits patiently while Brower considers his options

Both players endurance is tested in this final match.

Bob Maher, they call him "The Great One"

Bob Maher enjoying his 2 Sylvan Library and Abundance

Zvi Mowshowitz watches Bob Maher play Magic

Jeremy Brower, 2nd place finisher at GP-Seattle

Jeremy Brower with his proud girlfriend

Bob Maher, immediately after winning GP Seattle

Bob Maher, GP Seattle Champion
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