Grand Prix Sendai Artist: Randy Gallegos

Posted in Feature on January 29, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

D. Randy Gallegos's Cards
Card NameCard Set
Dingus EggEighth Edition (Core Set)
FlashfiresEighth Edition (Core Set)
Giant SpiderEighth Edition (Core Set)
Murderous BetrayalEighth Edition (Core Set)
Primeval ForceEighth Edition (Core Set)
ShockEighth Edition (Core Set)
Dingus EggSixth Edition
Karplusan ForestSixth Edition
ShockSixth Edition
Dingus EggFifth Edition
Karplusan ForestFifth Edition
Primordial OozeFifth Edition
Electrostatic BoltMirrodin
Leonin BladetrapMirrodin
Chain of SilenceOnslaught
Dive BomberOnslaught
Haunted CadaverOnslaught
Mistform StalkerOnslaught
Sage AvenOnslaught
Anurid BarkripperJudgment
Battle ScreechJudgment
Benalish EmissaryInvasion
Fight or FlightInvasion
Hypnotic CloudInvasion
Plague SporesInvasion
Slimy KavuInvasion
Thornscape ApprenticeInvasion
Keldon FirebombersProphecy
Spur GrapplerProphecy
Accumulated KnowledgeNemesis
Murderous BetrayalNemesis
Skyshroud SentinelNemesis
Alabaster WallMercadian Masques
Crumbling SanctuaryMercadian Masques
Deadly InsectMercadian Masques
Flaming SwordMercadian Masques
Nightwind GliderMercadian Masques
Specter's WailMercadian Masques
AttunementUrza's Saga
Brilliant HaloUrza's Saga
CurfewUrza's Saga
Disruptive StudentUrza's Saga
Faith HealerUrza's Saga
Lotus BlossomUrza's Saga
PacifismUrza's Saga
Sleeper AgentUrza's Saga
Stern ProctorUrza's Saga
Soul WardenExodus
Cloud SpiritStronghold
Lowland BasiliskStronghold
Tempting LicidStronghold
Mnemonic SliverTempest
Reality AnchorTempest
Rootwater MatriarchTempest
Scalding TongsTempest
Soltari CrusaderTempest
Cinder WallWeatherlight
Stampeding WildebeestsVisions
Giant MantisMirage
Mire ShadeMirage
Quirion ElvesMirage
Rashida ScalebaneMirage
False DemiseAlliances
Floodwater DamAlliances
Mishra's GroundbreakerAlliances
Tidal ControlAlliances
Call to ArmsIce Age
Cold SnapIce Age
ConquerIce Age
Dance of the DeadIce Age
Ghostly FlameIce Age
InfuseIce Age
MeltingIce Age
Vexing ArcanixIce Age
Wall of ShieldsIce Age
Chorus of WoePortal 2
Dakmor ScorpionPortal 2
Return of the NightstalkersPortal 2
Theft of DreamsPortal 2
Giant SpiderPortal
Hill GiantPortal
Primeval ForcePortal
Giant FanUnglued
Hungry Hungry HeiferUnglued
ErtaiVanguard Series 1

At the beginning of 2000, Randy quietly stepped out of the radar of commercial illustration- one he'd worked in non-stop since leaving the California College of Arts and Crafts in 1994. His art, richly colored and moody, had gained him a steady stream of work and opportunities to explore many types of subject matter. This work found him featured on the cover of the Duelist magazine along with an interview within a couple years of beginning.

Perhaps it was the pace of the work he'd taken on- too many pieces, not enough time devoted to some of them. Perhaps it was the industry conditions at large- low pay, high demands. Perhaps it was his own heavy, overbearing self-critical nature. Whatever it was, Randy realized that something had to change for the sake of his art and his future as an artist.

He produced few paintings, and entered a stage of difficult artistic metamorphosis- a questioning of motive, technique, desire, ambition and every other facet of creative life. During this time he focused on his music, playing bass and singing and writing with alt-rock band Plumage, and working on-staff as a graphic artist in the video game industry for a year. The paintings done during the period were of an eclectic nature, often testing the water of various directions as he sought to reestablish his visual voice. Or, as he was coming to recognize, his artistic voices.

Slowly, he is emerging from this cocoon, paralleled visually though not thematically in his continuing and intriguing God v.2.0 series. As summer of '02 winds down, he looks forward to his own continuing eclosion and the shedding of the skin he's long-since outgrown. He's always moved slowly but deliberately, and with firm steps; and now is no different. But he's on the move.

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