Grand Prix St. Louis Round 7 Results

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By Wizards of the Coast

Team Result Team
Antarctica 3-0 J3 BLZ
Cacti 3-0 My Name is Fred
Coolers 3-0 Whatever
Dogma 3-0 Team Realm
Fungusaur 0-3 Your Move Games
Hubbo 3-0 Tight Club
J3 BLZ 0-3 Antarctica
Josh Napper Fan Club 0-3 Team Panakia
Matrix 0-3 Team Bucket
My Name is Fred 0-3 Cacti
Our Move Games 3-0 Team Random Sexies
Pudge 3-0 Team Sourgirl
Team Bucket 3-0 Matrix
Team Panakia 3-0 Josh Napper Fan Club
Team Random Sexies 0-3 Our Move Games
Team Realm 0-3 Dogma
Team Sourgirl 0-3 Pudge
Tight Club 0-3 Hubbo
Whatever 0-3 Coolers
Your Move Games 3-0 Fungusaur

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