Grand Prix St. Louis Team Rosters

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By Wizards of the Coast

Team Name Byes Name Seed
3 Aces 2 Forsythe, Jared A
3 Aces 2 Manning, James B
3 Aces 2 Forsythe, Jonathan C
Antarctica 2 O'Mahoney-Schwartz, Daniel A
Antarctica 2 Finkel, Jon B
Antarctica 2 O'Mahoney-Schwartz, Steven C
Backstreetboys 0 Davis, Karl A
Backstreetboys 0 Stern, Daniel B
Backstreetboys 0 Mills, Jesse C
BattleZone 0 Miner, Michael A
BattleZone 0 Bates, Daniel B
BattleZone 0 Arevalos, Francisco C
Beat Squad 0 Goettel, Troy A
Beat Squad 0 Weber, Nick B
Beat Squad 0 Russell, Ken C
Beauty and the Beasts 0 Lampe, Christina A
Beauty and the Beasts 0 Wagner, David B
Beauty and the Beasts 0 Rak, Jason C
Bloomfield Bombers 0 Kixmiller, Bill A
Bloomfield Bombers 0 Sperry, Loren B
Bloomfield Bombers 0 Sperry, Mary C
Bolting Souls 0 Liston, Denver A
Bolting Souls 0 Globus, Mark B
Bolting Souls 0 Liston, Beth C
Cacti 0 Seviile, Scott A
Cacti 0 O'Brien, Jason B
Cacti 0 Schmidt, Karl C
Capitalist Pigs 0 Passmore, Lauren A
Capitalist Pigs 0 Smith, Sean B
Capitalist Pigs 0 Price, Amber C
Cereal Killers 0 Vavra, Vernon A
Cereal Killers 0 Karstens, Adam B
Cereal Killers 0 Swailes, Michael C
Chub Toad II 2 Sharma, Arun A
Chub Toad II 2 Hauptmann, Aaron B
Chub Toad II 2 Willson, James C
C-Monkey 2 Magby, Mike A
C-Monkey 2 Sproul, Curtis B
C-Monkey 2 Tressler, Chas C
CNB 1 Van Cleave, Trey A
CNB 1 Marks, Jason B
CNB 1 Marks, John C
Coolers 2 Krugler, Christian A
Coolers 2 Lyon, Dave B
Coolers 2 Davis, John C
Crocodile Hunters 0 Selsor, Eddie A
Crocodile Hunters 0 Pickett, Donnie B
Crocodile Hunters 0 Selsor, Dusty C
Die Already 0 Flieg, Jeff A
Die Already 0 Low, Poh Kok B
Die Already 0 Boehmer, Maury C
Dogma 0 Liszka, Rob A
Dogma 0 Heffern, Mike B
Dogma 0 Estrin, Aaron C
Du Jour 0 Blackwood, Joe A
Du Jour 0 Hanford, Charlie B
Du Jour 0 Donovan, Mike C
Fungusaur 2 Tsang, Terry A
Fungusaur 2 Blackwell, Trevor B
Fungusaur 2 Fung, Jeff C
Gix Pix 2 Woodburn, Jason A
Gix Pix 2 Nishioka, Andrew B
Gix Pix 2 Rutter, Brandon C
Hashim Bello Et al 2 Becker, Jon A
Hashim Bello Et al 2 Frangiosa, Rich B
Hashim Bello Et al 2 Urban, Matt C
Hubbo 1 Carpenter, Ryan A
Hubbo 1 Hubble, Bryan B
Hubbo 1 Opalka, Jason C
Io 0 Young, Robert A
Io 0 Lambert, Ken B
Io 0 Brandt, William C
It Doesn't Really Matter 0 Hanford III, Charlie A
It Doesn't Really Matter 0 Mayer, Greg B
It Doesn't Really Matter 0 Smallie, Scott C
J3 BLZ 0 Zwadlo, Josh A
J3 BLZ 0 Bruner, Jason B
J3 BLZ 0 Lueck, Josh C
Josh Napper Fan Club 2 Williams, Shane A
Josh Napper Fan Club 2 Torres, Eric B
Josh Napper Fan Club 2 Mirabile, Jack C
Last Minute 0 Petersen, Granger A
Last Minute 0 Seipel, Erich B
Last Minute 0 Blanchard, John C
Matrix 2 Bagashev, Yuri A
Matrix 2 Werner, Alex B
Matrix 2 Tong, Vincent C
Muddy Waters 0 Carpenter, Tom A
Muddy Waters 0 Suchland, Chris B
Muddy Waters 0 Asberry, Steve C
My Name is Fred 0 Gilpin, Steven A
My Name is Fred 0 Fox, Brian B
My Name is Fred 0 Nunn, Ryan C
Operation Wizzy Nine 0 Jones, William A
Operation Wizzy Nine 0 Russell, Brad B
Operation Wizzy Nine 0 Sing, Daniel C
Our Move Games 2 Rubin, Ben A
Our Move Games 2 Jensen, William B
Our Move Games 2 Bregoli, Mike C
Paradox 2 Krakower, Gary A
Paradox 2 Vienneau, Matthew B
Paradox 2 Price, David C
Pattie PI 0 Saylor, David A
Pattie PI 0 Hartje, Ken B
Pattie PI 0 Warner, Vince C
Pudge 1 Turian, Michael A
Pudge 1 Wise, Gary B
Pudge 1 Johns, Scott C
Raven 2 Woodall, Michael A
Raven 2 Alt, Judah B
Raven 2 Esau, Michael C
Rocket 0 Cavey, Michael A
Rocket 0 York, Brian B
Rocket 0 Rowe, Brian C
Scaredy Cats 0 Peatross, Fletcher A
Scaredy Cats 0 Emshoff, Aaron B
Scaredy Cats 0 Fink, Jeffery C
Sexy Prophets 0 Bun, Ped A
Sexy Prophets 0 Moshiashwili, Aaron B
Sexy Prophets 0 Muff, Travis C
Tall Boys 0 Scott, Adam A
Tall Boys 0 Stevens, Matthew B
Tall Boys 0 Rodieck, Michael C
Team Bucket 2 Vangor-Toth, Barron A
Team Bucket 2 McNeill, Dan B
Team Bucket 2 Morales, Manuel C
Team Comic Market 0 Schlotman, Jason A
Team Comic Market 0 Eastland, Derek B
Team Comic Market 0 Gabel, DJ C
Team Daffy Duck 0 Knight, Nicholas A
Team Daffy Duck 0 Dodson, Jennifer B
Team Daffy Duck 0 Dodson Jr., Lloyd C
Team Embargo 0 Dean, Michael A
Team Embargo 0 Sauer, Peter B
Team Embargo 0 Phelan, Shawn C
Team Nobody 1 Katz, Michael A
Team Nobody 1 Cowley, Bruce B
Team Nobody 1 Cowley, Steven C
Team Og 0 Pipal, Russell A
Team Og 0 Witten, Dan B
Team Og 0 Hagar, David C
Team Panakia 2 Tracy, Sean A
Team Panakia 2 Lipp, Scott B
Team Panakia 2 Barnes, Michael C
Team Petrov 0 Petrov, Matthew A
Team Petrov 0 Jente, Mike B
Team Petrov 0 Jente, Dan C
Team Random Sexies 2 Molasky, Scott A
Team Random Sexies 2 Stark, Ben B
Team Random Sexies 2 De Rosa, Antonio C
Team Realm 2 Brimmer, Brian A
Team Realm 2 Anderson, Will B
Team Realm 2 Schamun, Donald C
Team Rhit 0 Howard, Jim A
Team Rhit 0 Macejka, Larry B
Team Rhit 0 Kasper, Matthew C
Team Short Bus 0 Stammerjohan, Will A
Team Short Bus 0 Schmidt, Andrew B
Team Short Bus 0 Hill, Jeffery C
Team Sourgirl 0 Gilly, Sammy A
Team Sourgirl 0 Jackson, Aaron B
Team Sourgirl 0 Bernat, Michael C
Team Speedbump 0 Todd, Brad A
Team Speedbump 0 Westerhold, Jason B
Team Speedbump 0 Westerhold, Chris C
Team Suzaku 0 Pizzuto, Domenic A
Team Suzaku 0 Bonomo, Richard B
Team Suzaku 0 Kozcick, John C
Team Wildcat 0 Bell, James A
Team Wildcat 0 Kissee, Coy B
Team Wildcat 0 Kubala, John C
The 40oz All Stars 0 Ranks, Matthew A
The 40oz All Stars 0 Crosby, Joseph B
The 40oz All Stars 0 Edwards, Rudy C
The Legion 2 Mowshowitz, Zvi A
The Legion 2 Pustilnik, Michael B
The Legion 2 Shvartsman, Alex C
The Ric 0 Watts, Ric A
The Ric 0 Johnson, Josh B
The Ric 0 Johnson, Jonathan C
The Right Brothers 0 Burt, Jarod A
The Right Brothers 0 Stoll, Ben B
The Right Brothers 0 Stair, Seth C
Tight Club 2 McKenna, Timothy A
Tight Club 2 Williams, David B
Tight Club 2 Maher, Bob C
Tighttanic 1 Rauseo, Matthew A
Tighttanic 1 Senhouse, Chris B
Tighttanic 1 Davis, Brian C
Time 2 Scrub 0 Reed, Randy A
Time 2 Scrub 0 Snyder, Kristopher B
Time 2 Scrub 0 Haskins, Blake C
Untitled 2 Slattery, Ryan A
Untitled 2 Slattery, Ian B
Untitled 2 Slattery, Larry C
Whatever 2 Stringfellow, Sean A
Whatever 2 Reeves, Neil B
Whatever 2 Benefield, Kevin C
Your Move Games 2 Kastle, Darwin A
Your Move Games 2 Dougherty, Robert B
Your Move Games 2 Humphreys, David C
Zombie 0 Bledsoe, Ray A
Zombie 0 Cotner, Robert B
Zombie 0 Esau, Schuyler C

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