Grand Prix - Toulouse

Posted in Feature on May 23, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Nothing to lose in Toulouse!

Grand Prix are easily the biggest open events the DCI offers. They're high-energy and held around the world. Plus, no invitation is necessary -- anyone can attend.

Even if you don’t want to attend the main event, there are still plenty of reasons to come. A Grand Prix is not just a regular Magic tournament… Grand Prix’s in Europe are true Magic events. Besides the main tournaments, there’s plenty of excitement throughout the weekend that you can enjoy… There are loads of side events, Magic artists on site to sign your Magic cards, gunslinging against pro’s, and lots more…

So you have plenty of reasons to come to one of the many GP stops in Europe.

More information on GP Toulouse (France)

Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis & Toulouse Expo
Parc des Expositions Rond-Point Michel Benech

Format: Sealed Deck Ravnica Block

Artists on site: Wayne England & Rob Alexander

You can’t make it to Toulouse? Don’t worry; we’ve got 2 more Grand Prix lined up in 2006. More information will become available soon. Just keep an eye on the 2006 GP schedule.

CU there!

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