Grand Prix Yokohama Artist: Matthew Wilson and Ron Spencer

Posted in Feature on July 30, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Matthew Wilson | Ron Spencer

Matthew Wilson

Matthew's Cards
Card NameCard Set
Coastal PiracyEighth Edition
Fallen AngelEighth Edition
Phyrexian HulkEighth Edition
ReviveEighth Edition
Seasoned MarshalEighth Edition
Spineless ThugEighth Edition
TelepathyEighth Edition
Yavimaya EnchantressEighth Edition
Knight ErrantSeventh Edition
Serra AdvocateSeventh Edition
Day of the DragonsScourge
Dragon MageScourge
Karona, False GodScourge
Soul CollectorScourge
Vile DeaconLegions
Kamahl, Fist of KrosaOnslaught
Breaking PointJudgment
Masked GorgonJudgment
Silver SeraphJudgment
Obsidian AcolyteInvasion
Reya DawnbringerInvasion
Spirit WeaverInvasion
Urza's RageInvasion
Wash OutInvasion
Jolrael, Empress of BeastsProphecy
Steal StrengthProphecy
Spineless ThugNemesis
Ballista SquadMercadian Masques
Coastal PiracyMercadian Masques
Crag SaurianMercadian Masques
Kris MageMercadian Masques
Ramosian CaptainMercadian Masques
ReviveMercadian Masques
Disease CarriersUrza's Destiny
Rayne, Academy ChancellorUrza's Destiny
Tethered GriffinUrza's Destiny
TreacheryUrza's Destiny
Yavimaya EnchantressUrza's Destiny
PalinchronUrza's Legacy
Disciple of LawUrza's Saga
Herald of SerraUrza's Saga
Purging ScytheUrza's Saga
Seasoned MarshalUrza's Saga
TelepathyUrza's Saga
Exalted DragonExodus
Keeper of the MindExodus
Dream HallsStronghold
Heat of BattleStronghold
Rabid RatsStronghold
Stronghold AssassinStronghold
Avenging AngelTempest
Dauthi MercenaryTempest
Phyrexian HulkTempest
Selenia, Dark AngelTempest
Skyshroud TrollTempest
Soltari LancerTempest
Dakmor SorceressPortal 2
Miss DemeanorUnglued
Sex AppealUnglued

Matt Wilson has been illustrating for the game industry for nearly six years. He has art directed and illustrated for Magic: the Gathering and Legend of the Five Rings, as well as created artwork for a plethora of other games, including Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire, Shadowrun, Battletech, and Vor: the Maelstrom. He resides in Seattle with his lovely wife Sherry, loyal dog Argus, and two cranky cats who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent.

Ron Spencer

Ron's Cards
Card NameCard Set
Ensnaring BridgeEighth Edition
Guerrilla TacticsEighth Edition
Hammer of BogardanEighth Edition
Maggot CarrierEighth Edition
Mana ClashEighth Edition
Monstrous GrowthEighth Edition
Norwood RangerEighth Edition
Serpent WarriorEighth Edition
UnsummonEighth Edition
BedlamSeventh Edition
Ensnaring BridgeSeventh Edition
Lightning BlastSeventh Edition
Monstrous GrowthSeventh Edition
Soul NetSeventh Edition
UnsummonSeventh Edition
Wall of FireSeventh Edition
WildfireSeventh Edition
AEther FlashSixth Edition
Bog ImpSixth Edition
Bog RatsSixth Edition
Hammer of BogardanSixth Edition
Heavy BallistaSixth Edition
Sibilant SpiritSixth Edition
TerrorSixth Edition
Bog ImpFifth Edition
Bog RatsFifth Edition
Instill EnergyFifth Edition
LifeforceFifth Edition
Marsh ViperFifth Edition
NecriteFifth Edition
ParalyzeFifth Edition
Sibilant SpiritFifth Edition
TerrorFifth Edition
Thrull RetainerFifth Edition
Bog ImpFourth Edition
Marsh ViperFourth Edition
TerrorFourth Edition
Word of BindingFourth Edition
Mind's DesireScourge
Reaping the GravesScourge
Chromeshell CrabLegions
Crookclaw ElderLegions
Goblin DynamoLegions
Unstable HulkLegions
Ascending AvenOnslaught
Blatent ThieveryOnslaught
Chain of AcidOnslaught
Commando RaidOnslaught
Goblin SledderOnslaught
Menacing OgreOnslaught
Quicksilver DragonOnslaught
Reckless OneOnslaught
Venomspout BrackusOnslaught
Cabal TherapyJudgment
Planar ChaosJudgment
Venomous VinesJudgment
Boneshard SlasherTorment
False MemoriesTorment
Burning SandsOdyssey
Flame BurstOdyssey
Ivy ElementalOdyssey
Mad DogOdyssey
New FrontiersOdyssey
Sungrass PrairieOdyssey
AEther MutationApocalypse
Bloodfire DwarfApocalypse
Last StandApocalypse
Standard BearerApocalypse
Gaea's MightPlaneshift
Maggot CarrierPlaneshift
Radiant KavuPlaneshift
Aura ShardsInvasion
Desperate ResearchInvasion
Goham DjinnInvasion
Sapphire LeechInvasion
Thicket ElementalInvasion
Tolarian EmissaryInvasion
Infernal GenesisProphecy
Rhystic SyphonProphecy
Avenger en-DalNemesis
Rath's EdgeNemesis
Skyshroud PoacherNemesis
Barbed WireMercadian Masques
Battle RampartMercadian Masques
Close QuartersMercadian Masques
Saprazzan BailiffMercadian Masques
Trap RunnerMercadian Masques
Marker BeetlesUrza's Destiny
Plated SpiderUrza's Destiny
Slinking SkirgeUrza's Destiny
Squirming MassUrza's Destiny
AnthroplasmUrza's Legacy
Bone ShredderUrza's Legacy
Might of OaksUrza's Legacy
ParchUrza's Legacy
Walking SpongeUrza's Legacy
Angelic ChorusUrza's Saga
Carrion BeetlesUrza's Saga
Crazed SkirgeUrza's Saga
Fault LineUrza's Saga
Hermetic StudyUrza's Saga
Lightning DragonUrza's Saga
Phyrexian ProcessorUrza's Saga
Ravenous SkirgeUrza's Saga
Skirge FamiliarUrza's Saga
Skittering SkirgeUrza's Saga
SporogenesisUrza's Saga
VebulidUrza's Saga
Yawgmoth's WillUrza's Saga
Crashing BoarsExodus
Cursed FleshExodus
Entropic SpecterExodus
Jackalope HerdExodus
Merfolk LooterExodus
Mind MaggotsExodus
Change of HeartStronghold
Fanning the FlamesStronghold
Hornet CannonStronghold
Mob JusticeStronghold
Serpent WarriorStronghold
Sliver QueenStronghold
Spined SliverStronghold
Volrath's ShapeshifterStronghold
Diabolic EdictTempest
Heart SliverTempest
Knight of DawnTempest
Knight of DuskTempest
Renegade WarlordTempest
Rootwater DiverTempest
Spinal GraftTempest
Thakalos SeerTempest
Vhati il-DalTempest
AEther FlashWeatherlight
Cone of FlameWeatherlight
Goblin BombWeatherlight
Heavy BallistaWeatherlight
Liege of the HallowsWeatherlight
Serrated BiskelionWeatherlight
Diamond KaleidoscopeVisions
Magma MineVisions
Spider ClimbVisions
Crypt CobraMirage
Ersatz GnomesMirage
Hammer of BogardanMirage
Reflect DamageMirage
Soul EchoMirage
Ventifact BottleMirage
Splintering WindAlliances
Ashen GhoulIce Age
Dire WolvesIce Age
Flow of MaggotsIce Age
Kjeldoran KnightIce Age
Sibilant SpiritIce Age
Armor ThrullFallen Empires
Goblin GrenadeFallen Empires
NecriteFallen Empires
Order of the Ebon HandFallen Empires
Svyelunite PriestFallen Empires
ThallidFallen Empires
Thallid DevourerFallen Empires
Thrull RetainerFallen Empires
Bog ImpThe Dark
Bog RatsThe Dark
Goblin Digging TeamThe Dark
Goblin ShrineThe Dark
Marsh ViperThe Dark
Miracle WorkerThe Dark
Savaen ElvesThe Dark
Scarwood GoblinsThe Dark
Water WurmThe Dark
Word of BindingThe Dark
Bear CubPortal 2
Norwood RangerPortal 2
Sylvan BasiliskPortal 2
Trokin High GuardPortal 2
Craven GiantPortal
Endless CockroachesPortal
Highland GiantPortal
Infernal Spawn of EvilUnglued
Krazy KowUnglued
Squirrel FarmUnglued
Squirrel TokenUnglued

Ron Spencer has worked many jobs over the years. He's pulled shoulder blades out of sides of beef all day, done construction, printed T-shirts, and even worked in a bleach factory. Spencer achieves a distinctive look through an eclectic use of mixed media. He uses everything from colored pencils to ball-point pens, and watercolors to acrylic paint. He has a tendency to feature characters that seem to be missing, for lack of a better word, skin. "That's just my inexperienced knowledge of anatomy rearing its head. I know it's not necessarily how a formally trained artist would do it." Spencer did get a little training at a two-year college in Idaho, although he says what he really learned in school was that in order to succeed, an artist needs to "shut off the TV and stay up until 3 a.m." His inspirations include the vividly photographic style of Richard Corben (a popular sci-fi and fantasy illustrator who often works with Dark Horse Comics) and Swamp Thing illustrator Bernie Wrightson. He also has illustrated for other games, including Legend of the Five Rings, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, and the werewolf game Rage. He still lives in Aurora, Nebraska, where he was born, with his wife and five children.

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