The Great Designer Search

Posted in Feature on October 31, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Welcome to the Great Designer Search, Wizards of the Coast's historic search for R&D's first ever Magic design intern! On Friday, August 25th, the Great Designer Search began. All applicants began by answering ten challenging essays. Everyone that passed that first wave was given a thirty-five question multiple-choice exam to test their knowledge of general design principles and the kinds of issues that have been dealt with on over the years. Everyone still remaining that scored at least 30 on the test was then given a set of design challenges, and on Thursday, October 26, 15 finalists were announced.

On this page you can easily find all of the article run so far, as well as pages on each of the 15 finalists. You can click on any of the avatars at the top of this page to get more information on each of the 15 finalists, including how they answered all of the essay questions and how they did on the multiple choice test (including which answers they missed).

Each week, the finalists will be given a task to test their design skills. Each Friday, you'll get to see the task from the previous week, how each aspiring designer tackled it, and the response from all of the judges but Mark Rosewater. (Rosewater's comments come the following week, revealing who has been eliminated.) "Episodes" will run each Friday until we're down to three finalists. At that point the applicants will be flown out to Wizards of the Coast for formal interviews. At the end of it all, one reader will get a paid design internship at Wizards of the Coast!

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