Great Online Gaming Experiences Start With You! (Part 1)

Posted in Feature on June 22, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

At Wizards of the Coast, we know that great play experiences are an important part of having a strong Magic: The Gathering Online community. Our goal is to make sure Magic Online is a safe, friendly and fun environment for all of our players. That’s why over the next month, we’ll be running a series of articles with quick tips for protecting yourself and your account to ensure you have the best online gaming experience possible. Here are some tips for making your account more secure:

Keep Your Password Private
Protecting your password is essential to keeping your account safe. Sharing an account, even with friends, is extremely risky and can lead to loss of items or even deactivation for violating the Magic Online User Agreement . Magic Online accounts are not transferrable and belong only to the original purchaser.

The only time you’ll be asked for your password in the Magic Online environment (game, store, message boards, etc.) is when you're logging onto our systems. No employee of Wizards of the Coast will ever ask you for your password. If you suspect someone is posing as a Wizards employee, and they ask you for your password, immediately report it to the Wizards of the Coast Fraud Team.

Don’t Reuse the Same Username/Password on Other Games/Websites
Using the same username and password on multiple sites can compromise your account. While we do our best to make the Magic Online system a safe and secure place to play, if you use the same login information with other sites such as forums, social networking sites, other games, etc. Your login identity is only as safe as those sites keep it. In the case of some forums, administrators may have direct access to your password information. If you have “recycled” that password, you may be giving it away.

There are even fraudsters who set up Gaming-related community sites like forums just to exploit users who use the same password across multiple areas. If your account is compromised as the result of a reused password, we are unable to replace any items that are lost.

Use Security Questions/Answers That Are Not Publicly Available
Choose strong security questions to which only you know the answer and make sure that information isn’t available anywhere else. For instance, if you have a social networking site which shows your pets names, using those names as a security answer can make it easy for your accounts to be hijacked. A good strategy is to provide security questions and answers that are not real life answers (i.e. “mother’s maiden name?”/“Darth Vader”). Also, be alert to any user who asks you questions that are frequently used as security answers such as where you met your spouse. These seemingly insignificant pieces of information can be used to compromise accounts which are protected by commonly-used security questions.

You're Not Required to Make Your Personal Information Public
You have the option of entering as much or as little personal information about yourself in your profile screen as you’d like, but be cautious with information you don’t want other players having access to (i.e. your real name, phone number, address, etc.). Keep this in mind when using forums and social networking sites as well. This information can potentially be used by a fraudster to compromise your account or contact you in real life.

Be sure to check back next week for more tips. In the meantime, you can visit us on our Wizards Community for more information and to chat with other Magic players.

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