Great Online Gaming Experiences Start With You! (Part 3)

Posted in Feature on July 6, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

Last week, we focused on scams and ways to avoid becoming a victim (see Part 2 of this series). This week, we’re presenting tips on making sure you’re well-informed about trading.

Anything Done Outside the Game Is Unenforceable

Only purchases made from the Magic Online store are supported by Wizards of the Coast. Any other agreements you make with players outside of the Magic Online game interface (i.e. other game sites) can't be enforced by Wizards. If you agree to purchase cards from someone outside the game, make sure you trust that player and, if you find that someone has scammed you, please report it to the Wizards of the Coast Fraud Team. While we can’t replace your product, we can attempt to keep scammers from taking advantage of other players.

Be Careful When Trading

The current system allows for trades of no more than 75 items at one time. Any trades larger than 75 items should be broken down into smaller fair trades. Be sure to treat each trade as one individual trade and understand what you are trading for prior to pushing the confirmation button. If you suspect your trading partner is up to something fishy, simply decline the trade. Wizards cannot be responsible for “promises” made by your trading partners.

Be sure to also watch out for any trades that seem “too good to be true.” If you are purchasing a product for an extremely reduced price, it may be because a fraudster is trying to get rid of it before being caught. In these cases, you may face consequences for receiving stolen product, up to and including account termination.

Be especially wary of anyone who:

  • is receiving funds using multiple PayPal (or other) accounts
  • is providing you with product from a large number of different Magic Online accounts
  • requests that you communicate with them outside of the Magic Online system (via a social networking site or instant messenger)
  • sets time constraints on the trade or attempts to rush you to complete it

These are often signs that the fraudster is trying to avoid detection. We recommend that you walk away from any trades like this, and report them to the Wizards of the Coast Fraud Team. No matter how good of a “deal” fraudsters are providing, it is not worth the loss of your Magic Online account.

Wizards of the Coast May Contact You Regarding Your Trades with Other Players

Wizards fully investigates accounts where there is evidence of fraudulent activity or a violation of the Magic Online Terms of Service/Code of Conduct. Like many games, we may take action against users who provide a marketplace for fraudsters to sell stolen goods. This type of behavior creates an imbalance in the game and encourages the use of unauthorized credit cards in our system. We want to make the game environment a fun, safe, and fair place for everyone and purchasing from users selling stolen product disrupts this.

If you feel that a user is having a negative impact on the Magic Online community by scamming or defrauding players or the system, please report it and be sure to include as much information as possible.

Wizards May Remove the Ability to Trade from Your account

Temporarily flagging an account for investigation is one method we use to help prevent illegally-obtained product from flooding the marketplace and devaluing your cards. Users with flagged accounts are still able to make purchases from the store and use product to enter events, they are just unable to trade with others users for a period of time. Removing the ability to trade can also help to protect your items in the event that your account is hijacked. We will reactivate the ability to trade once our investigation has concluded.

If you are having trouble trading from an account you own, it is likely your account is under investigation. If you feel you have information you can provide to aid our investigation, contact us using the email address associated with the account. Note that we are unable to discuss accounts with anyone other than the registered owner.

The Wizards of the Coast Fraud Team fully investigates all reports of suspicious behavior. If you feel that you have been the victim of a scam, or if you have seen suspicious activity, please report it.

Be sure to check back next week for more tips. In the meantime, you can visit us on our Wizards Community for more information and to chat with other Magic players.

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